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Huawei: Company Confirms Most Of Its Phones Will Get Google’s Contact-Tracing Update

Huawei has confirmed that a number of their devices will get Google’s contact-tracing feature on their devices. They haven’t given a proper list of devices that will be compatible, but we do have a rough idea.

Some Of Huawei Phones May Be Compatible

This new feature that Google is working on utilises Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It will supposedly help people track whether they’ve recently come in contact with anyone who has tested positive for the coronavirus.

There’s a very specific set of Huawei devices that may get this feature, though. The obvious omissions from this list are going to be devices that Huawei released after May 2019. That’s when the US government put Huawei on an entity list.


The Latest Huawei Devices Won’t Get This Feature

This meant that US companies could not work with Huawei, as they supposedly present a security risk. So, the latest set of Huawei’s devices, such as the P40 series, won’t get this feature for sure. Additionally, this feature won’t work on any Android device within China itself. This due to the fact that China doesn’t support the full version of Android.

The Mate 30 series, which came in the 2nd half of 2019, after May, will also be left off the compatibility list. However, Huawei has confirmed that any Android device they released before May 2019 will likely get this update. That’s still a huge number of devices.

The most prominent devices on that list are the P30 series of smartphones. While we don’t have a complete list of Huawei devices that will be compatible with this feature, we can make an educated guess.

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Devices Without BLE Chips Aren’t Compatible

As mentioned before, this contact-tracing feature relies on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to trace the user’s interactions. So, any Huawei device that doesn’t have BLE likely won’t get this feature. That means that any Huawei device that does have BLE, and came out before May 2019 with the Android operating system, may still likely get this feature.

Google isn’t the only company working on such an app. Apple also has similar plans for its iPhones. They do have a huge hurdle to cross, though. There are billions of smartphones still out in the world that simply don’t have the BLE chips in them. These phones won’t get this contact-tracing feature, either.


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