How to Write Essays Better


David Mudd

The digital world proves itself to be of quite a use. That is especially true when we are talking about essay writing. All students can find helpful resources on a vast number of topics, including reviews on is 99 papers legit, how to craft a scholarship essay, how to deal with your next writing assignment. Here we want to touch exactly on this topic – how to masterpiece your next essay. Sure, it doesn’t come as easy as pie, it takes work and dedication, but we have some tips for you to make writing essays easier.

Choose The Subject Well

Usually, teachers assign the subject of the essay. But in some cases, they may leave that up to you. If you have the topic at hand, then consider what kind of an essay do you wish to do – a general summary, a detailed one, etc. Still, if your teacher left that for you to decide, you should do some research. The free topic is an advantage to you because you can choose a subject that brings about topics you are interested in. Start by considering what your aim is. Then, search through topics that spark your interest. Lastly, see what your choices are – giving information, convincing someone on the particular topic, etc. What matters the most is that you are involved in the subject.

Craft an Outline

Should you wish to develop your writing skills, you’d do well if you start crafting outlines for your essays. This allows you to organize the matters you want to write about. It aids you in determining your topic and building strong arguments. It also improves your introduction and conclusion, along with the body of the essay.

Research the Topic

Картина, която съдържа текст, лице, мъж, закрито Описанието е генерирано автоматично

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve selected the topic, or if your teacher gave it to you. Anyways, you need to delve into the material and research it well. This sets the basis for the essay and the support of the thesis. You have to have evidence to support your arguments. That is a major element if you want to improve your essay writing skills.

Proper Vocabulary Use

Using the language skills properly allows you to show better skills, especially when you are writing an academic piece. When we are talking about academic essays, we need to consider that those require you to be convincing that you know your topic well. Don’t go for big words the meaning of which is unclear to you. Try to avoid ambiguous language in order not to bring down the clarity of the essay.

Proper Sentence Structure, Punctuation, Grammar, and Style

Don’t go with a lot of short sentences. Also, avoid using only long ones. Try alternating between the two types of sentence structure. Make sure they don’t repeat in the essay, as well, because that makes it sound awkward. Other essential components are punctuation, grammar, and style. You need to know how to implement proper grammar and punctuation. Make sure you are aware of the verbs, the use of pronouns, etc. Commas and intervals are a major thing to note, as well. Also, active voice is preferred over passive voice. Language should be simple and coherent.

Картина, която съдържа текст Описанието е генерирано автоматично

Support the Argument with Evidence

A huge one! The essays are all about argumentation. You need to defend your thesis. To do so, you provide arguments. But they need to be supported by evidence. Proofs you bring into the essay should be in support of the key argument. If they don’t do so, remove them. Make sure you pick the best proof possible for the main argument of the essay.

Active Voice

When you write and research, make sure you are staying clear of passive voice. Rather, go for active voice. It’s not only more engaging, but it also allows the reader to comprehend the essay with ease. For instance, “Jackeline brought him along” is always better than “He was brought along by Jackeline”.

Avoid Informal Expressions

The content you are using should adhere to the academic requirements. Slang and informal expressions are to be avoided. You can write the essay in the third person because this allows the readers to comprehend the essay better and stick with it to the end.

Write a Top Conclusion

When writing, you need to craft the whole essay in a strong voice. This applies to the conclusion, as well. It is quite important because there you briefly touch on the whole point. Doing so offers proof on behalf of your thesis. Here is not the place to once again explain what you’ve written in the introduction and thesis. But here you should quickly map out the arguments you’ve given and show how they support the thesis. Make sure the conclusion is strong, otherwise, you destroy what you’ve created so far.


As you can see, many aspects can improve your essay writing. They are all important when you are crafting your assignments because they are what brings the essay to life and demonstrates that you can defend your thesis. By taking into consideration the tips we gave above, you can improve and get better grades on your essays. Just remember, you need to carefully select the topic, research it, outline it, then work to prove it and finish strongly. In the meantime, don’t forget about sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and proper vocabulary use. If you try to follow those tips daily, you can quickly jump to the top of your class when it comes to writing essays.