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How to With John Wilson: Know Everything About HBO Show!


David Mudd

Willing to watch the show again for the second season along with its first season of How to with John Wilson on HBO? Then you came to the right place to know everything as the first season of John Wilson was a hit and earned good ratings and now the show is coming with a more interesting and simple story or the tasks which you are facing in your life and in this show it was shown by John Wilson.

The series shows the curiosity of Wilson to find views of the New York people by moving and taking his camera from street to street to to know habits and what people are doing.

He is the host and the executive producer of this series which already premiered for the second season from November 26, 2021. There are 6 episodes in each season.

You have already noticed that each episode of the series is small and starts with a simple question and ends with an inquiry or the solution. He takes his camera to the street to know more about the things which are happening and tells how humans face them.

How to With John Wilson

I also enjoy the journey of the Wilson and enjoy the show as it also provides us lessons in our life. His work is to clear and ask things from the people and how they feel the pain which happened.

You can say that it is the show to do simple and small talks like how to improve your memory or how to split the check and many more. This is the show in which “How to” is explained by giving everyday examples.

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How to With John Wilson Season 2: Release Date

The first season of how to with John Wilson came in 2020 while its second season started premiering from november 26 ans these are the episodes of the new season-

  • How to invest in Real Estate which came on November 26, 2021.
  • How to Appreciate Wine on December 3.
  • How to Find a Spot on 10 December.
  • How to throw out your Batteries on December 17.
  • How to Remember your Dreams on 24 December.
  • How to be spontaneous on December 31.

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How to With John Wilson Season 2: Trailer

Yes, there is an official trailer for the new season of How to with John Wilson and it is confirmed that the show will return as it is an interesting series to watch and here is the official trailer of John Wilson season 2.

How to With John Wilson Ratings and Reviews

On IMDB How to With John Wilson series received 8.7 ratings out of 10 and on that you will also see the popularity of this show is increasing day by day and now its second season is premiering on HBO Max.

If I talk about the top rated episode from the first season then it was episode 6 titled How to Cook the Perfect Risotto.

The show gained positive reviews from the users and some of the user reviews are-

Love this funny, awkward, and interesting documentary by John Wilson. Everything starts with “How To”. It is a brilliant Show, the series is a perfect mix of tragedy with comedy and there are lots of positive reviews about this series.

On Metascore it earned 92 score based on 4 critic reviews.

How to With John Wilson Watch

How to With John Wilson

You can stream this documentary of John Wilson on HBO MAX, Hulu and on Youtube TV.

Final Words

If you are watching this show, then you will love each episode of How to With John Wilson as it is an amazing and comedy documentary of John Wilson.

So, keep watching its new season along with its previous one and also have a look at our latest articles on comedy, thriller, mystery series or movies.

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