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How to Use Discord for Gaming Online

Is anyone still confused about how to use Discord to play games? Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the Discord chat application, although it’s already been for more than five years.

Discord is actually a chat application usually used by gamers as a communication platform, unlike the typical chat applications such as WhatsApp, Line, or Telegram, which are commonly used every day.

Discord has even more exciting features because you can chat live with game teammates. Communication can be made through channels, voice chat, video calls, and direct personal interaction with a friend. Some game applications actually have their own voice chat features, but the quality is doubtful.

Using the Discord application is not only convenient to use when you have to interact directly with game teammates. But, it is also significant for those of you who have recently felt bored and unable to meet directly with friends because you have to stay at home due to the Covid 19 outbreak.

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The Primary Benefits of Discord

1. Team Communication

The first benefit of the discord application is to communicate with the team. The initial idea of ​​making this application was to make it easier for everyone on a team to communicate without being distracted by other things.

Because it is used mainly for team communication, coordination may work even better, especially when you’re doing some important match and battle.

Coordination and strategy can be made way better on this platform. Everyone can read your messages and hear your voices so that a better strategy can be established.

Although Discord offers ease in team communication, you still need to have extra security to make sure that everything is safe and sound. An easy method to do this is by installing a VPN.

It is definitely useful, especially when you’re playing games that are currently popular, like COD Warzone, for example. You can try these best VPNs to play Call of Duty Warzone, to enjoy the game safely and smoothly. Once everything is safe, you don’t have anything to worry about.

2. Community-based

Apart from being used to communicating within the team, Discord has also begun to develop as a community maker. The main reason is that there is no limit to the number of users or people who log in to it; one server can contain more than thousands of people.

There are several discords in which there are thousands of people actively communicating every day. They communicate with many people and provide each other with important information.

By using the server, everyone will feel more comfortable. So, they will not feel like playing alone because there are still many friends. If you need anything, they can also offer good helping hands.

How to Use Discord

First, you need to do registration. Before using Discord, we must first register an account to have access. To register, we only need a Google Account or Email. There are no other complex requirements you need to fulfill.

Here’s how to register an account on Discord:

  1. Install the Discord app, then open it
  2. Select Register to create an account. However, if you already have an account, you may proceed by selecting login.
  3. Then, enter your Username (nickname), Email, and Password.
  4. Select Create an Account.
  5. Then, you will be directed to create a Server. At this stage, just skip it.
  6. And the process is done; welcome to Discord’s dashboard.

Because it’s the first time you’ve registered, your friends and servers don’t exist yet. You must first create your own Discord servr and then add other people to that server, or you can join other Discord servers.

How to Create Your Own Server

Now after the account has been created, you may proceed by either creating a new server or join in the existing servers. If you wish to create your own, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to your Discord app.
  • Tap the add icon, then select Create a Server.
  • Then, enter the Server Name and Server Profile Photo
  • Tap Create Server.
  • Now, the Discord Server Link of your server will be shown, and the server is ready.

After you add some friends and join some relatable servers, you can start communicating with each other. Interact there and take all the benefits that exist on the server. In addition to dealing with games, this application can also be used for certain interests so that it is easy to communicate with other people.

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