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How to Unlock Disabled iPhone?

If you’ve typed your iPhone passcode incorrectly too many times, it can lock you out. Conversely, has someone attempted to break into your gadget and failed? The security function that turns off the iPhone in certain instances can be an annoyance in an emergency requiring the phone’s use.

Using the methods outlined in this post, learn how to unlock disabled iPhone without passcode below.

Part 1: All the Possible Reasons Behind Disabled iPhone

The following are some of the major reasons for disabling the iPhone:

  • Because you have repeatedly input an erroneous passcode into your phone, the security settings on your phone have been inaccessible to you.
  • Your phone has been turned off.
  • Your display has a break in it. Therefore, entering your passcode won’t work.
  • Somebody else who needs assistance is the owner of the phone.
  • You find yourself in a precarious scenario in which the only phone that is accessible to you requires a password that you are unable to provide.

This security measure, which Apple developed to defend you from robbers and hackers, will not be eliminated soon. The good news is that there are ways to regain access to your iPhone.

Part 2: Ways To unlock iPhone without passcode

Here, we will be looking for some prominent ways to unlock iPhone without a passcode:

Way 1: By Using Find My iPhone

Using Apple’s Find My function is another technique to get into an iPhone that has been locked with a password. Although there are numerous advantages to using the Find My app, there is also a possibility that you can become a target for con artists.

You should be aware of this possibility; nevertheless, the advantages often exceed the dangers. Let us walk you through the steps necessary to unlock an iPhone using Find My.

Step 1: Log in to your iCloud account by navigating to on your Mac.

iCloud dashboard

Step 2: Launch the app called Find My.

Step 3: Choose the phone you want to unlock by clicking “All devices” in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Find My iPhone

Step 4: Tap the “Erase iPhone” button.

Find My iPhone Erase this iPhone

Step 5: Please confirm by using your Apple ID.

Step 6: Once your iPhone has successfully established a connection to a network, the procedure will start.

Way 2: By Using Finder App

The Finder application on a Mac operating Catalina or a later version of the OS can unlock an iPhone even without iTunes.

Step 1: Launch Finder on your Mac, then connect your iPhone to your laptop using the USB cable that came with it.

Recovery mode screen on an iPhone

Enter the recovery mode on your iPhone by doing the following:

Step 2: To adjust the volume on an iPhone X or later model, press and swiftly release the volume up and down keys in the appropriate sequence.

Step 3: After that, press and keep holding the side button down until you see the window for recovery mode.

Step 4: You should see a pop-up that allows you to restore or upgrade; choose “Restore.”

Restore iPhone using Finder

Step 5: If you accept the terms and regulations, Finder will immediately download the latest version of iOS’s firmware.

Note: Hold tight as your iPhone does a restoration.

Way 3: Using iTunes to Unlock

Apple’s iTunes or Mac’s Finder can be used to bypass an iPhone’s passcode security. If you were using macOS before Catalina, you wouldn’t recognize the new features that Apple has added. A jailbroken iPhone can still be unlocked with the help of iTunes, even on older operating systems and PCs.

Step 1: Download and set up iTunes on your computer.

Step 2: If your phone is plugged into your computer, disconnect it and turn it off.

Step 3: Recovery mode is activated by pressing a certain button on the handset and plugging it into a computer at a similar moment.

Step 4: Use the side button on iPhone 8 and after, the volume down button on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and the power button on iPhone 6 and previous.

Step 5: Keep holding it until the recovery menu appears.

Step 6: The iPhone can be restored or updated through iTunes; pick “restore” when prompted.

Restore iPhone using iTunes

Step 7: Following completion of the download, the phone will power down and restart. You can take your iPhone away from the computer whenever it’s done, set it up, and start using it normally.

Part 3: Features of Dr.Fone-screen unlock

The term “troubleshooting” can conjure up images of unending phone conversations with support, time spent traveling to and waiting in line at experts’ offices, and exorbitant costs associated with obtaining a resolution. What you need is not that. Instead of entering a passcode every time you want to unlock your iPhone, how about a simple, one-click solution?

Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock is a one-of-a-kind tool designed to assist you in skipping over any problems and getting back on track promptly. It includes a set of modules designed to assist you with any problems you can have when using your smartphone. There must be a solution to the problem of a crippled iPhone 13, right? No additional hardware, software, cable, or help is required. You need this one piece of software, which you can download and install and then play with its many useful functions.

Try out Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock to unlock your disabled iPhone without any worry!

Main Features of Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock

  • You can access your iPhone without a password, iCloud, iTunes, or Finder in a few minutes.
  • Make your iPhone compatible with any network around the globe.
  • Requires no technical knowledge. Simple three-way process.
  • The latest iPhones are fully supported.

Step 1: Download and run Dr.Fone and go to its Screen Unlock section.

df homepage

Step 2: In iOS, tap the Lock icon, then choose the Unlock Screen option.

screen unlock page

Step 3: If your phone fails to boot into Recovery Mode, you can follow the steps to enter DFU mode.

device page

Step 4: Dr.Fone will identify your phone and show you the operating system and version you’re using. If the displayed model is wrong, choose the appropriate option from the dropdown menu.

choose device

Step 5: Start downloading the iPhone’s unique firmware file by clicking the button below.

Step 6: If you want to begin unlocking the disabled iPhone, wait for the download to finish and then click the Unlock Now button.

download firmware


As you can see, with tools like Find My iPhone, you can easily access a locked iPhone or iPad, even if you don’t have access to a computer. Dr.Fone can be used to swiftly restore a disabled iPhone without the need for iTunes or iCloud if you ever find that neither Find My iPhone nor iTunes is functioning. We hope this tutorial helped you regain access to a disabled iPhone. You should spread this tutorial around if you think it will assist other iPhone and iPad owners.

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