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How To Stop Receiving Gambling Marketing Mails? 


David Mudd

Needless to say, nobody is a fan of marketing emails. The spam messages are not just annoying but also distracting at times. These are mostly directed towards attracting the eyes of the potential customers as well as making them aware of any new services or innovations taking place at places a punter is regular too. The sale boosting strategy to keep provoking customers is subliminally a powerful tool for the curators but even the target audience is repelled by junk messages that often result in them entirely unsubscribing out of annoyance. Here are some of the ways listed that can help a punter stop receiving gambling marketing mails.

Register at GamStop

Registering at GamStop is considered to be an essential part of the procedure a vulnerable punter is required to follow. It helps to filter the names of registered punters from the marketing list of operators that stops them from receiving junk emails that are often provocative for punters in self-imposed exclusion.

About GamStop

As an independently operating self-exclusion scheme, GamStop offers punters a chance to prepare a new habit by hindering their entry into gambling sites that are registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This period of exclusion is voluntarily selected by the punter registered and can last from six months to even up to five years. This exclusion span helps the punters cultivate a new routine which eventually leads to a gambling-free lifestyle. On the other hand, self-exclusion can lead to an interest in non GamStop brands described at NonStopCasino. GamStop is available for absolutely no subscription fee for the people living in the UK.

This gesture is to help people get over the stigma around gambling addiction and take an active step towards completely abolishing the issue by creating awareness around it as well as providing support to already vulnerable gamblers. Once registered to the program, a gambler is not allowed to have access to any of these sites unless the minimum span of exclusion gets over. For people struggling with impulse control GamStop is an effective solution that helps to build control over the same with time and detachment from harmful daily practices.

Other schemes such as GamBan could also be effective in fighting casino addictions and staying away from the gambling marketing Emails that lure players into investing surplus cash into dubious games.

Make Request to Casino Operator

If unsubscribing to the newsletters does not seem enough to keep these undesired disturbances at bay, one can directly get in touch with the casino operator that has been sending junk emails and directly complains about the situation. This will surely solve the issue and they will make sure no further ads are sent. The aim here is to scratch the name out of their marketing list.

Every legitimate casino has helpline numbers, live chats, and Email contacts, which usually respond very promptly to customer grievances. Punters receiving such promotional Emails can reach out through these channels and raise a concern. Casinos registered under UGC or offshore licensing agencies usually acts on such requests swiftly in accordance with the principles laid out around Responsible Gambling.

Report Unwanted Mails to United Kingdom Gambling Commission

There is another way to take care of these junk emails sent by the casino operators that do not involve any interaction with the operator with the customer, but one can directly seek help from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. These emails can be directly reported to the Information Commissioner’s office in order to prevent them from further reaching the inbox.

Players could also use Email filters and Spam guards to screen these Emails right at the inception. Software is available that monitors Email transactions and segregates them as “Dangerous” depending on certain preset criteria. Additionally, the Gamstop and Gamban forums extend support to players who are willing to stay away from the pitfalls of addictive gambling. So players could access and reach out to the helpdesk and online discussion rooms under Gamstop.

Mindful restrictions are always better than forced restrictions. The Betting and Gambling Council (BGC) for example, has already partnered with top-tier English Premier League and the English Football League clubs to ensure that gambling ads are not broadcasted to audiences below the legal age of 18. This also applies to clubs promoting Ads on Social Media channels. The Professional Footballers Association (BFA) has already tied up with Gamstop to take measures in stopping gamblers from running into bad debts. Many clubs such as Arsenal, Norwich City, Nottingham Forest, Manchester City were handed over notices to avoid endorsing casinos and gambling Ads.

Concluding Thoughts

Softwares such as BetBlocker and NetNanny are usually used by players to stay away from any sites and forums that promote or support Gambling. While Gamstop is a forced exclusion, this software could be used to mindfully restrict their mobiles or other devices from accessing gambling sites. In this way, players can exercise gambling restrictions without actually signing up for forced exclusion.

Staying away from anything that could mentally impact you into an addiction should be avoided. The player would exercise a level of self-check to keep away from the pitfalls, especially since these addictions could leave them in a state of bankruptcy.