How to Ship Candles Without Breaking


Mohit Kamboj

You could sell candles online as an alternative to earning a living and try different methods that haven’t worked for you. It is a good option if you need an easy way to earn money online.

Several candle sales are available for shipping across the globe, which is one of the best things about them! We will cover all your questions and provide helpful tips in this article on how to send candles safely.

It will let you know how much it will cost, how big the box needs to be, and whether you need any other materials.

Why Can It Be Difficult To Ship Candles?

The packing of candles is vital to keep them from getting harmed during transit, even though candles seem very sturdy. The best way to stop this is to pack your candles in ways that keep them almost still in the box.

When you cushion the box within the box, it won’t suffer any damage when it moves rapidly. More on this later. When packing a shipping box, fill any odd-shaped spaces with combinations of packing materials.

Your Candle Order: How to Package It

  1. At least one inch of wrapping must go around each candle to protect it (i.e., hex wrap, wax paper, etc.). Make sure to use dividers when shipping multiple items to avoid overlapping candles.
  2. You can protect candles within your shipping box or mailer by placing them inside paper packaging tubes or product boxes. Ensure your items are snugly sealed by affixing stickers to lids and openings or applying packing tape.
  3. Boxes or mailers should fit snugly over the candle in which they hold. You should fill the rest of the box with soft packing materials, such as hex wrap, tissues, packing peanuts, or other non-toxic materials.
  4. Packing tape, preferably sustainable packing tape, has to go to both ends of the box if you’re using one. Make sure you don’t use normal Scotch tape or masking tape. The shipping process will not make either of them survive. Candles will fall out when they fail.
  5. Make sure your package has a secure seal if you are using mailers.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to know how to ship candles safely.

Keep Your Candles Safe by Cushioning Them

A key part of shipping candles is wrapping them properly. By packaging process ideally, you can prevent breakage and damage when shipping candles.

For shipping, how should candles be packaged? To ensure that each candle is safe from damage, you should wrap it in packaging paper and then in bubble wrap.

Covering a candle with protective material like bubble wrap will ensure it arrives without damage!

If you send your gift in an envelope with broken, chipped candles, the recipient will want to spend a few minutes unwrapping it. Aesthetics and personal preference are the deciding factors. When you market a high-end product, shipping arrangements must be more complex.

Boxes That Are Durable Are Best

You should always use the right box to ship your product, regardless of size. In particular, candles are subject to this rule. Glass-encased candles are ideal for packing in corrugated, heavy-duty boxes.

If your item is going into a box, postal officials suggest protecting it with two inches of padding.

To protect the products, you need plenty of space to wrap them in tissue paper or bubble wrap. Use a bubble mailer to protect votives, loose taper candles, and other small items.

Use reliable shipping supplies regardless of how your package looks. Be sure to write “Handle with Care” labels on boxes and include “Please Do Not Stack ” warnings.

Be Careful Not To Melt

It is vital to consider this when making online candle sales. It is vital to deliver candles to the right location and at the right time.

In the mail, will candles melt? It is true that candles will melt in the mail. It only takes a vehicle 90 minutes in the summer to reach 120°F since soy wax melts at 120°F. Candles can lose their shape or warp when this occurs. You can take steps to prevent candles from melting during shipping.

Make sure your boxes have insulation inside, or place frozen gel packs inside. As an extra layer of protection against heat sources like radiators, use these around the outside of your candle packages.

The candle contains soy and ships in less than 24 hours. The temperature will be lower over weekend days when no heater is running, so they will spend less time at high heat levels.

Choose the Best Shipping Option

Shipping your candles via express service can reduce the odds of them going bad during transit. Delivery is quick with these services.

It is less likely that your candles will sit for long periods on the truck in the summer or an uncool sorting room.

To ensure your clients stay informed, you should also provide delivery tracking — they will not be waiting hours on end to receive their candles.

Packaging with a Custom Brand

The power of an image is too great to ignore, right? Candle box manufacturers must follow the same rules.

If you send packages through USPS, you can get boxes and envelopes at no charge. By using custom packaging, you can give your client a memorable experience.

Every business relies on presentation. The best way to add a personal touch to candles is to pack them in boxes that aren’t plain.

Using tissue paper or ribbon to wrap candles will make the experience more personal for your clients.

Summer Shipping Notes for Candles

The summer months are hot, and special precautions are vital when filling clients’ orders.

The candles must stay away from the heat when packing in hot weather. Keeping the candle cool may require an additional cold pack. Keep the candle away from freezing. Likewise, express shipping is a good choice if you don’t want your package to sit in a holding facility for days.