How To Prepare for a Lost, Stolen or Broken Smartphone? Hacks You Must Be Aware About!


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Misplacing your smartphone — or worse, having it stolen — is awful. However, you can at least limit the damage with a couple easy steps. IT’S AN UNFORTUNATE fact that the expensive pocket PCs we carry around with us at all times are ideal objectives for cheats — as well as extremely easy to leave behind in subway cars or on coffee shop tables.

Now that we as a whole depend on our smartphones for so much, having one stolen or misplaced can feel like the apocalypse. Yet, it doesn’t have to be, not exactly. Here are the preparations you can take before the worst happens, and what to do in the event that it does.

Turn On Remote Tracking!

Whether Android or iPhone, your telephone will accompany an underlying tool that allows you to track it from the web or another gadget. On (stock) Android, it’s called Track down My Gadget, and you can enable it under the Security and location menu in Settings. On iOS, it’s called Track down My iPhone, and from Settings you want to tap your name, then your iPhone, to turn it on.

You can then track your Android telephone from any gadget where you’re endorsed in with the same Google account, or track your iPhone from any gadget where you’re endorsed into the same Apple account. You can also view your telephone’s last reported location on the web, by going to your Google Account or the iCloud portal.

Assuming you’ve lost your telephone, you can see exactly where it’s gone, although on the off chance that it’s been stolen we wouldn’t suggest chasing the criminal down yourself.

You can use both Track down My Gadget and Track down My iPhone to remotely wipe your smartphone too, however, which can help safeguard your data whether your handset has disappeared or been deliberately snatched.

How to Prepare for a Lost, Stolen or Broken Smartphone

Safeguard the Lock Screen!

Contemplate all the apps you’re automatically endorsed into on your telephone: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, perhaps, plus your email accounts and maybe even a shopping account or two as well. The main barrier between those accounts and another person who gets your telephone is the lock screen.

In view of that, it’s essential that you set up some sort of security on the lock screen of your telephone, whether it’s a PIN, a pattern, a unique finger impression, or a face. You can track down these choices under Security and location in Android Settings, or Face ID and Passcode (or Touch ID and Passcode) in iOS Settings.

This stops anyone else accessing your telephone or ripping any data off it, or at least makes it truly challenging. These lock screen assurances don’t keep you from remotely erasing your handset from afar however, so you can in any case wipe your telephone using Track down My Gadget or Track down My iPhone without actually having access to it.

Back-Up Your Data!

Regardless of whether you wipe your handset, you ought to prepare for the likelihood that you’ll at absolutely no point ever see your smartphone in the future.

That means you want to back up your data elsewhere. Thankfully, your apps and your telephone’s operating system can take care of the greater part of this for you: Install Instagram on another telephone, for example, sign in, and your account is not too far off where you left it.

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To backup other data, like framework settings and app data, go to your telephone’s default backup framework. On Android, go to Settings then tap Framework, Advanced, and Backup. On iOS, go to Settings then tap your name, then your gadget, then iCloud Backup (assuming you’ve enabled iCloud on your gadget, which you ought to).

You can augment these backup arrangements assuming you want to; most apps will store records automatically in the cloud for you, yet contemplate photos and recordings you take on your telephone.

How to Prepare for a Lost, Stolen or Broken Smartphone

Apps, for example, Dropbox and OneDrive can automatically upload these for you, or you can use the Google Photos or iCloud Photos choices that accompany your telephone. Keeping photos and recordings in the cloud

Other Precautionary Measures!

You can always take out telephone insurance obviously, in the event that you believe it’s worth it. Most insurance companies will cover you for misfortune, theft, and accidental damage for a relatively low month to month charge, which will vary contingent upon the expense of your telephone.

To help increase the chances of getting your telephone back, you can leave a message on the lock screen, maybe including your email address or alternative telephone number.

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From the Android Settings menu, pick Security and location, then tap the gear-tooth symbol close to Screen lock, then Lock screen message; from the iOS Health app, tap Medical ID to leave a crisis contact or two that’s accessible from the lock screen.

Assuming That Your Phone Gets Lost or Stolen!

Those means ought to go quite far to making things easier on you if and when you truly do somehow lose your smartphone. Yet, there are a few things you can in any case really do even after it’s gone.

How to Prepare for a Lost, Stolen or Broken Smartphone

Contact Your Carrier (And Maybe the Police)!

Assuming that your telephone disappears or gets stolen, your carrier ought to be your most memorable call (however you’ll have to borrow another person’s telephone, obviously). The network operator can make sure nobody is adding to a bill using your texts or call attributes, or attempted to impersonate you using your mobile number. They can lock your SIM card, and you’ll get another.

Assuming the telephone was squeezed, log the occurrence with the local police. The chances of getting your handset may be thin, however they’ll be significantly slimmer on the off chance that the police don’t realize that you’re missing a telephone. And assuming it turns up, the police will actually want to return it to you.

Remotely Locate Your Gadget!

As referenced above, you can use Track down My Gadget or Track down My iPhone to see where your telephone is and somewhat disable it if necessary.

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Whether you’re using the Android or iOS tool, the choices are broadly the same. Assuming you have another Android or iOS gadget, you can use that to track down your missing gadget; in the event that not, head to the web and track from that point. Again: Don’t defy the criminal assuming your telephone’s been stolen.


Regardless of whether you think your telephone is very much safeguarded against unauthorized access, it’s worth checking your various apps and accounts on a laptop or another telephone to make sure nobody is accessing them who shouldn’t be.

On Facebook, for example, you can see current logins on this page — on the off chance that there’s one you don’t perceive, or you see your stolen or lost telephone in the list, you can tap the three dabs to the right then Log out.

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