How To Make Your Own Animated GIFs? Ways of Making an Animated GIF (Without Photoshop)!


Saloni Singh

Who said GIFs are just for entertainment only? They’re incredibly useful for businesses and advertisers.

Beside web-based entertainment, organizations are incorporating GIFs in paid advertising efforts via virtual entertainment stages, in customer support articles on their site, on landing pages and microsites, and in email marketing efforts.


Unlike static photos or recordings, GIFs are fast and simple to make, and they require no extra programming or plugins. Even better, GIFs can fundamentally further develop the user experience on your blog or site. What’s more, unlike a video, GIFs by and large have little document sizes, allowing them to stack quicker and with better quality.

They can likewise lessen user erosion. Think about it: instead of clicking on an implanted video tutorial on how to use a component, you can share a progression of short GIFs that will teach a viewer in a portion of the time.

If you’re interested in incorporating GIFs into your marketing toolkit yet have no involvement in Photoshop, I’ll show you how to use five free tools to make original GIFs.

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How to Make Your Own Animated GIFs

How to make a GIF without photoshop:

1-GIPHY’s GIF Maker!

GIPHY, the organization with the world’s biggest library of animated GIFs, presently offers a GIF Maker that is free thus much enjoyable to use. GIF Maker permits you to make animated GIFs from video documents, YouTube links, existing GIFs, and, surprisingly, still photos.

This is The carefully guarded secret:

Intuitive a video record, or enter a video URL from YouTube, Vimeo, or another GIPHY page. You can likewise transfer a progression of photos to make an animated photo slideshow.

Whenever you’ve transferred your document, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can begin editing your GIF. Next, trim your video to a length of around 2-6 seconds. This will guarantee that your document size is sufficiently little to stack rapidly via web-based entertainment and blogging stages.

What I Like About GIPHY’s GIF Maker?

  • It’s not difficult to use and explore
  • Instructions on how to alter the length of your GIF is clear. There are two separate bars for start time and GIF span.
  • The customizable highlights (for example Animated subtitles, stickers, and so on) are robust and contemporary.
  • Permits you to make GIFs from a few unique sources, including static pictures.

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What I Could do without About GIPHY’s GIF Maker?

GIPHY’s GIF Maker doesn’t provide you with the choice of making your GIFs private. Remember that assuming you make GIFs of your partners or your item.

As a free tool, it’s easy to use and has the specific element I’m looking for. GIPHY’s GIF Maker is definitely a tool I’ll strongly suggest.


Another super-straightforward tool is, an online tool that turns YouTube recordings, Vine recordings, and Instagram recordings into editable GIFs. Note that while you can make GIFs for free on this stage, you’ll have to turn into a paying endorser in request to get to certain highlights.

So, they in all actuality do offer a few choices that you won’t find elsewhere, like Instant Impacts and themed stickers.

This is The secret:

Reorder a link to a brief video you’d like to transform into a GIF.

How to Make Your Own Animated GIFs

What I Like About

  • is really simple to use. It took me under 5 minutes to make a GIF.
  • Offers standard textual styles, like Arial, for GIF subtitles.
  • Offers progressed editing choices, like the capacity to change the obscurity of a sticker.

What I Could do without About don’t offer a few critical highlights on the off chance that you’re a free user. For instance, you can’t eliminate their watermark from your GIF, you can’t resize or pack the document, and you can’t download the original record to your desktop PC except if you are a paying endorser.

Editing a GIF’s length and term isn’t exceptionally clear.

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In general, while I partook in’s Instant Impacts and sticker choices, I wouldn’t suggest becoming a paid endorser for highlights you can find for free on GIPHY’s GIF Maker and other online tools.

3-Imgur’s Video to GIF!

At any point use a tool like ClipConverter to transform a YouTube video into a mp3 record? Imgur does practically precisely the same thing by converting recordings into GIFs.

On the off chance that you’re looking for a tool without the fancy odds and ends or GIPHY’s GIF Maker have, Video to GIF is for you. It doesn’t have themed stickers, fun channels, or customizable textual styles for subtitles, yet it will assist you with creating an excellent GIF in no time.

This is The closely guarded secret:

Enter the URL of the video you’d like to transform into a GIF.What I Like About Imgur’s Video to GIF

This is the quickest tool I’ve at any point used to make a GIF.

Just backings recordings transferred online. You’re in a tough situation in the event that you just have an .mp3 document

What I Could do without About Imgur’s Video to GIF?

  • There aren’t an adequate number of choices to assist with customizing GIFs (for example no stickers, channels, dynamic subtitles, and so on.)
  • The foundation of the subtitle is dark as a matter of course. It really doesn’t look great on an animated GIF.
  • Just accessible on desktop.
  • Generally speaking, to make a super-straightforward GIF in a short measure of time, check Imgur’s Video to GIf tool out.

How to Make Your Own Animated GIFs

4-Boomerang for Instagram!

Unlike other GIF-creating applications, Boomerang for Instagram is a portable application that takes an explosion of photos and join them together into a GIF that plays forward and in reverse with no editing required.

This is The carefully guarded secret:

Press the photo button, hold for a couple of moments, and presto! It’s just as simple as that. At the point when you’re happy with your Boomerang, you can instantly share it on Facebook or Instagram, or save it to share on another stage. Here is a brief video that shows you how it functions.

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What I Like About Boomerang for Instagram?

  • It’s incredibly remarkable! Having a GIF that plays forward and in reverse instead of looping-really makes my GIF stick out.
  • It’s incredibly quick and simple to-use.
  • Simple to share GIFs straightforwardly to virtual entertainment.

What I Could do without About Boomerang for Instagram?

  • Can’t use recordings or photos to make GIFs.
  • Just accessible as a versatile application.
  • Can’t customize the video with a subtitle, channels, or stickers.

By and large, I really like Boomerang for Instagram, particularly for creating and sharing original GIFs of your item or group in activity.


Unquestionably, GIFs are one of the best inventions to emerge from the Internet. Used to convey every inclination and response under the sun, GIFs can be found via virtual entertainment channels, landing pages, email missions, and instant messaging.

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