How to Make a Music Video


Mohit Kamboj

Music videos have been popular since their inception as an art form that both helps viewers understand the deeper concepts of music and provides a great audio-visual experience. With the development of technology and various practical developments, making music videos is no longer the preserve of a small group of people. With a brilliant idea and good music, everyone can make a music video to their liking.

Although the process is tedious and involves many factors, people will get great accomplishment and satisfaction when they get the finished product. To help you make beautiful music videos from scratch more smoothly, we’ll go through the entire process and provide you with three top tools.

  1. Develop the Concept of Your Music Video

Before you start working on the video, you must do a lot of prep work to ensure that you don’t encounter numerous obstacles once the work is officially underway.

  • Figure Out Your Budget

Generally speaking, producing music videos will not be as costly as movies and TV shows. Still, we cannot rule out the possibility of higher costs due to higher salaries for actors, the use of advanced equipment and special effects, the rental of expensive venues, etc. So you can know the budget to allocate the funds more rationally and spend the money the best way.

  • Make a Comprehensive Plan

After preparing your budget, you must create a well-thought-out plan. For example, how to set up a production team, select the main character, create an outline of the video story, etc., and figure out the props to be used, the style of video images, etc. Although these elements are complicated, they are decisive for the subsequent work. Therefore, you must be careful in this step.

  • Go Deeper into the Song

If you are making a music video for a piece of music, you must thoroughly understand the song’s concept. You can start a discussion with the song’s lyricist and songwriter. They will be able to provide you with the most reliable information about the origin of the creation and what they want to express through the music.

  • Refine Your Idea

Once you have obtained enough information, sort it out carefully and discuss it with professionals or team members. Adding and deleting small elements and details can also have an unexpected effect on the music video. Something about the plot, subplot, soundtrack, script, etc., needs constant polishing.

  • Choose Shooting Locations

Before you officially prepare for the video shoot, you need to decide what kind of scenes you want and go around to the field. You can choose big cities if you want to shoot an urban-style video. If you want natural scenery, then you should leave downtown places to search. After finding the ideal place, negotiate with its owner.

  1. Start Video Shooting

After preparing everything, you can start shooting work. Assemble your photography team and prepare professional equipment such as applicable cameras and lightning plates. Choose the right actors according to your storyline.

Do not limit the length of your shoot at this stage. The finished product will need to be edited out of these numerous clips.

  1. Edit the Footage

After getting enough video clips, you must start the most important step. You must select and integrate many clips and compose them into a complete music video. To help you, we recommend three of the best video editing software.

  • Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate

Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate offers various ready-made themes for travel, love, sports, etc., to help everyone make music videos smoothly. Moreover, Video Converter Ultimate supports converting video formats to MP4, MOV, MTS, M2TS, MKV, FLV, 3GP, SWF, AVI, WMV, MP3, FLAC, WMA, OGG, AAC, AIFF, M4R, etc.

In addition to helping you create fabulous music videos, it offers many tools to ensure you edit your video or audio like an expert. You can even add 3D effects to your videos, make GIFs, compress videos, and edit ID3 tags with its help. Many features are waiting for you to explore while using it!

This software is also very easy to use. Follow the detailed instructions to add music to video.

Step 1. Download and install Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. Choose MV on the interface.

Step 2. Click the big plus button to add your clips, or click + Add directly. If you want to add more than one video, repeat the above operation.

Multiple fragments that you upload will automatically be combined into one video. You can check it in the preview window. If you want to adjust the order, drag the video at the bottom to move the position.

How to Make a Music Video

Step 3. Edit the effect of your video by clicking Edit. You can resize the video screen, adjust the contrast and brightness, add watermarks, etc., on the new pop-up window.

How to Make a Music Video

Step 4. If you need to trim your video, choose Trim. You can divide your video into clips of similar lengths and edit each clip separately. Finally, click Save.

How to Make a Music Video

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

The popularity of Adobe Premiere Pro is quite high, and the range of functions it can perform is extremely wide. Therefore it is a video editing software used by many professionals. If you master it well, you can process your videos without editing traces. However, due to its many functions, it is also quite difficult to operate. It is difficult for newbies to get started immediately and is also quite a test of equipment level. Of course, if you learn it well, it is the key to open the magic door in your hands.

How to Make a Music Video

  • iMovie

As a video editing software familiar to Apple users, iMovie can help you make recorded videos with cinematic quality. You can freely create styles, edit videos, and insert music. It also provides the Storyboards function to guide you through capturing footage, organizing clips, and learning different story structures. With its help, you can work on good storytelling skills and add cool effects to your videos. However, it mainly works on Apple devices. You can’t use it on Windows devices.

How to Make a Music Video

  1. Upload the Finished Video to the Target Platform

After much effort, you finally get the final version of the music video. Now you can pick your preferred video platform and upload your video. TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are good choices.

  1. Summing it up

Overall, making a music video is a process that will take much effort but will be much more rewarding. After reading the detailed tutorial above, we believe you are ready to make your music video. Looking forward to seeing your excellent results soon.


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