How to Look After Italian Leather Furniture


Mohit Kamboj

Once you’ve selected the right Italian leather furniture for your home, you’ll hope it lasts for as long as possible. After all, who wouldn’t want to have such stylish furniture in their homes for many years to come?

The good news is that Italian leather furniture is made to last. Even with minimal care, you can expect your furniture to last a long, long time. But you can also do things to ensure that it has pride of place on your property for decades. Follow our useful tips, and your furniture will look as good in the future as it does on the first day you bring it to your home.

Step One: Buy Quality Italian Leather Furniture

Italian leather furniture is highly durable and resilient, but only if bought from a reputable dealer. There are different levels of quality when it comes to this type of furniture, and most of it comes down to the type of leather the manufacturer has used. Some businesses try to cut corners by using lower-quality or fake leather. Those options will be cheaper, but they’ll also show signs of wear and tear much sooner. As such, it’s important to buy furniture from a business that values quality. Fabio&Co ITALIA offers leather furniture that are 100% made in Italy using top and full-grain leather, which is the best leather on the market.

Gently Vacuum

You’ll often use your Italian leather furniture, especially if it’s a large sofa that seats the whole family. As such, it’ll be inevitable that the furniture picks up plenty of dirt and debris over time. Removing this dirt will help to keep your furniture in tip-top condition, and just make it more enjoyable to use. You can remove this dirt with a vacuum and soft brush.

Keep It Out of the Sun

As with most materials, the leather’s quality and color will begin to fade if it spends too much time in the sunshine. In some cases, this won’t be an issue, but if your house receives a lot of sunlight, it’s best to take additional steps to protect your furniture. Keeping the blinds closed during the hottest periods of the day will help, though the best option is to place the furniture in a part of the room that doesn’t receive direct sunlight.

Use a Conditioner After Cleaning

You can wash your Italian leather sofa with water and soap using a soft cloth. Once the dirt has been removed, using a small amount of leather conditioner is recommended to prevent the furniture from becoming dry

Consider Professional Cleaning

If you are a little lax on cleaning and end up with a piece of furniture that’s looking slightly past its best, then consider working with a professional leather furniture cleaning company. They’ll use specialist tools and expert knowledge to restore your furniture back to its former glory. You’ll pay for it, but it’ll be worth it.