How To Focus On Homework?


Mohit Kamboj

How To Focus On Homework?

Lack of focus, poor concentration, attention deficit & hyperactivity are common but often ignored problems plaguing students all over. Poor focus and concentration are debilitating problems and have highly detrimental effects on one’s academic skills & performance. Myriad causes lie behind & aggravate attention-deficit problems, with some of the most common being intrinsic psychological disorders, troubled upbringing, poor work ethics, study routines & lifestyle.

Poor focus and motivation to do homework & assignments are serious problems that require immediate remediation. Lack of focus and interest remains one of the biggest reasons behind most “do my homework for me” requests at professional homework help services. And, while professional homework writers can take care of things for the moment, the major problem remains unaddressed.

If you struggle to focus and concentrate while studying, you must look into those struggles. Start by going through this article minutely. It brings you some very effective expert tips as well as some awesome Google Chrome extensions for homework to boost concentration & motivation.

Tips for Improving Concentration when Doing Homework

Concentration is one’s ability to focus their mind or thinking on one particular task. Whether working on your homework, studying something, or taking an examination, unflinching focus is vital for succeeding in any academic task. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands worldwide suffer from a lack of concentration. The problem can affect anyone, from the most brilliant to the average. While understanding the reasons behind so is important, actively addressing and countering is the best defense.

  • Stay Focused

Anxiety, stress, and distractions lead to scattered thoughts & racing minds. When you are about to start working on homework, keep all other thoughts out of focus. Concentrate only on the task at hand.

  • Be Confident

If you are not confident about solving your assignments & homework problems, you will automatically get distracted as you start stressing out. Prepare yourself and study diligently. You will find yourself gaining immense focus & interest in your homework and other academic tasks.

  • Create a Conducive Environment

The environment also plays a huge role in our ability to concentrate. Keep your smartphone away. Put all other books aside. Ensure there are no aural or visual distractions of any kind nearby. A well-lit, well-ventilated, calm, quiet, and peaceful environment can drastically boost your focus and interest.

  • Keep Distractions at Bay

Technology has become a major distraction nowadays. Smartphones, the Internet, social media, etc. – these things can lure one & all and eat up concentration & time. Stay away from social media & streaming platforms when working on homework or studying. Also, don’t use technology as a way out of doing your assignments. Instead, use the tech tools and apps to solve your homework better & faster.

  • Address Attention Deficiency

If you think you have a problem with focusing on your homework but are not sure, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your mind wander often?
  • Do you often go blank when studying or doing homework?
  • Do you have a habit of procrastinating?
  • Do you lose interest in lectures and topics easily?
  • Do you get easily distracted?
  • If you find an assignment hard, do you lose interest in it?

If your answer to most of the questions above is YES, address them tactfully by understanding the importance of hard work and setting specific career goals. Understand the benefits of gaining more knowledge & scoring good marks. Attention deficit disorders can sometimes be extremely debilitating. If you find that your lack of focus and concentration is interfering with your daily & academic work frequently, seek professional medical help urgently.

  • Rest Well

Lack of restful sleep and proper nutrition can aggravate concentration problems. Get at least 7 hours of restful, deep sleep every day. It doesn’t need to be all at once. Eat well and at regular intervals. Start working out, if possible. Do all of these things diligently, and you find yourself wakeful, enthused, & focused always. Mental fatigue can creep in and eat up focus if you have been working or studying for long periods. Take breaks and get some rest. Then, get back to work. Do not give in to mental fatigue. Strive on and wait for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th wind that brings back your focus & state of alertness.

Follow the above tips carefully and religiously. Persevere and be dedicated & you will find your focus & interest increasing with each passing day.

Poor planning and work routine are major factors that can cause loss of focus, stress, and anxiety. Below are some easy-to-implement tactics that can help you keep everything in order.

Proper Planning for Improving Focus – Some Tips

Order and organization are important for focused working. Prioritize tasks, chalk out proper study routines, and negotiate distractions to improve concentration.

  1. Write down the things you need to do in a day. Prioritize urgent tasks and start working on them immediately.
  2. Finish easy-to-do and short-term tasks first. Develop a time frame for all the different tasks at hand. Estimate the amount of time you will need to finish your homework. Consider the time required to finish all the different sub-tasks and develop the timeframes accordingly.
  3. Use time wisely. Determine the assignments/tasks that require urgent attention and must be finished quickly. Get them done without any hesitation or procrastination.
  4. Do not ignore long-term or non-urgent tasks. There’s a high chance you will fall prey to procrastination if you do so. Instead, break them into smaller subtasks and start working on them individually.
  5. Assign importance to each task and order them accordingly. You can organize them according to their importance, urgency, or difficulty. Decide wisely and make sure to finish tasks in order.
  6. Set realistic and achievable targets. Then, commit and dedicate yourself to achieving them. Act and think maturely & responsibly, and spare no effort in achieving your goals.
  7. Develop interest and involve yourself when doing your homework. Find out what you will get to learn by scoring top grades and how such things can help you in the future.

We wrap things up with some more important points to keep in mind.

Some More Important Things to Remember

  • Lack of focus is closely related to lack of interest. If you feel unenthused about the topic of homework, then focus your interest on the grades, rewards, praise, and every other good thing.
  • Have a set routine and study for fixed hours. Concentrate only on studying/finishing your homework during that time and FIGHT against all DISTRACTIONS. Do so dedicatedly, and your attention span is bound to increase.
  • Take short breaks during long study sessions.
  • Don’t stress yourself out. And do not be afraid of failure. Instead, focus on becoming better than everybody else.
  • Good grades and success can be healthy addictions. Try to get addicted to success & problems with focus and motivation will sort themselves out. Just make sure to work hard and with honesty & respect.
  • Indulge in your hobbies. Practice meditation and yoga. Listen to soothing music. All these things can work wonders on focus and motivation.

And that’s about it for this write-up. I hope it was an interesting and informative read. Try to implement the tips & tactics in this article and dedicate yourself to following them consistently. Both your focus and grades will rise sky-high.

All the best!