How to Earn Free Bitcoin Using an Android Phone?


Sandeep Singh

Whenever bitcoin sets a new bar in the marketplace in terms of market price, people start to wonder whether they can earn this currency for free as a reward. You can visit ( to get a deep analysis of Bitcoin trading. Unfortunately, the freebie methods to earn Bitcoin will not help you earn an active income.

However, with these freebie methods, you can earn some amount of bitcoins in your spare time. Moreover, most methods are possible to perform with an android device. So let’s have a deeper dive into some suitable methods that can help you earn free bitcoins with the help of an android phone.

Bitcoin Faucets

People refer to bitcoin faucets as a fad in the cryptocurrency community as earlier these platforms were highly famous in the digital currency marketplace. Faucets refer to websites or applications that incentivize users with freebie bitcoins and other digital coins after completing a definite task.

The task assigned by bitcoin faucets to the users is a piece of cake. Most of the tasks assigned by platforms are watching a YouTube video or downloading an application on their android device. However, bitcoin faucets are an extremely engaging way to earn free bitcoins. The tasks assigned to users by these platforms are not merely YouTube videos or downloading an application, as you are rewarded for playing virtual quizzes and arcade games on these faucets.

As discussed above, the incentives earned by these freebie methods are not significant at all at the present majority of the bitcoin faucets incentives users with Satoshi. Satoshi is a unit of bitcoin that cannot be broken further. In short, Satoshi accounts as the tiniest part of bitcoin, and when 100 million Satoshi are combined, it forms a bitcoin unit. Some famous bitcoin faucets compatible with android devices are fire faucets, jointly, bonus bitcoin, and free bitcoin.

A considerable number of bitcoin faucets arrive in the marketplace every day. The threshold withdrawal limit on the majority of the bitcoin faucets is at least 10,000 Satoshi. In short, the users will be withdrawing a handsome amount of bitcoins from these platforms.

Bitcoin Mining

People refer to bitcoin mining as a costly venture as it necessitates the installation of dedicated mining rigs and machines. But with android devices, cryptocurrency mining is highly inexpensive as you download a dedicated mining application to start the mining journey.

Cryptocurrency mining has transformed into a full-proof business, but the profitability is only considered if performed with the help of a mining rig; with android devices, bitcoin mining profits are just pennies. However, these applications keep running in the background in your android phone and do not affect other functions running on the mobile phone.

But android mining does not demand hard work and capital investment as starting the mining application every 24 hours. Some famous mining applications that a miner can install on their android phone to start the android mining journey are honey miner, excellent hash, miner gate mobile miner, and bitcoin miner. In addition, roller coin is a famous mining application, and this mining application has made this process very engaging by introducing the concept of arcade games.

Starting an android cryptocurrency mining venture on the android device only demands the installation of any mining program. Most of the mining programs listed above are present on the play store, and mining applications not present on the play store are present on their official website. Installation of this mining application does not demand a flagship processor as the majority of the mining application are even compatible with the median hardware found in android devices.

Moreover, it requires significantly less storage space to download any mining application. Subsequent installation of mining application, the application further demands a complete proof registration as, without registration, the possibility of starting a mining venture is zero.

Registration on any of these android mining applications requires the insertion of an email address and a user name. You can correspondingly encrypt the user account with a password. The password you choose must be strong and should be memorable. Some mining applications like miner gate are equipped with a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange.

The above explains some famous freebie methods to earn free bitcoins using an android device.