How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Wallet for Android Devices?


Sandeep Singh

A safe digital wallet means not leaving your Bitcoins in exchange. With a wallet android base wallet software, you can ensure a high level of security for your assets and remain safe while trading. From managing your assets to safeguarding them against all possible means of threat, a Bitcoin wallet is the ultimate solution for your every need. Visit News Spy to get a deep analysis of Bitcoin trading. However, to ensure a healthy experience with your Bitcoin wallet, you need to do some calculations to find a genuine one. There is no shortage of options for Bitcoin wallets for Android devices, but finding a good one is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Check For Control of Private Keys

The cases of Bitcoin theft on various online platforms are pretty common now. However, whether stolen from the exchange or stolen from the computer where the wallet is stored, the issue has a solution getting control of private keys. It is why we need to check if the wallet app offers you control over private keys and prevents you from losing them.

Hot or Cold Wallet

A hot wallet is a wallet that exists online under a third-party server, which is never backed up or deleted. It means that your coins are stored on the exchange or website, and they can get stolen, lost, or shut down at any time. Cold wallets are offline (offline). Your private keys are encrypted such that no one can reach them online when you install the cold wallet, so it helps avoid losing your coins because of malware or mismanagement. Most mobile Bitcoin wallets let you manually back up your private keys, but some of them provide features for security tokens.

Enhanced Security and Backup Features

Since most mobile devices lack advanced security features, you’ll want a mobile wallet that has some encryption. Some wallets that work with Android phones offer additional features such as:

  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Google Authenticator app
  • Simple Payment Verification (SPV)

A feature like SPV allows you to send and receive coins without downloading the blockchain, which is near impossible because it contains over 20 GB of data. SPV enables lightweight clients to operate without downloading all the blockchain data.

Developer Community of Your Wallet

While it is essential to know the reputation of the wallet provider, it may also be helpful to know who is working on the project. A major problem that developers face is that they have to constantly revise and upgrade their wallets to keep up with changes in coin structure.

Wallet Support and Updates

It’s always helpful to know whether your wallet provider has a development team or support and whether they are working on updates, what features they plan to add, or whether they plan to make changes in the future. You need someone to answer all your queries and help you in case of any mishap. In addition, if something new is launched in the Bitcoin community, your wallet must be able to offer you that. While it is more of a concern for business organizations dealing in Bitcoin, knowing whether your wallet supports your language is always better.

If you want to make the best out of your smartphone, you need a mobile Bitcoin wallet installed. You can use it to secure your Bitcoins online or run transactions from a mobile device. You shouldn’t consider any app because it’s free or has a different price or discount deal. Instead, make a logical and calculated decision by considering the earlier points to find the best Bitcoin wallet for Android devices.

The above write-up explains how to opt for a bitcoin wallet for your android device. Usually, the mobile-based cryptocurrency wallets comprise hot storage. But some of the android based cryptocurrency wallets like Exodus and mycelium also offer cold storage at the very same time. Play store in android devices is equipped with a wide variety of cryptocurrency wallets in contrast to the application store but choosing a wallet out of such a wide variety is not a piece of cake. Nevertheless, you can follow the above-listed tips to choose a Bitcoin wallet.