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How To Beat Order in Elden Ring?

It should come as no surprise that Radagon of the Golden Order is one of the most challenging bosses in Elden Ring, given that this is a game that has a reputation for being challenging.

Even for the most skilled players, Elden Ring presents a number of terrifying bosses, some of which can present quite a challenge. This is the case with Radagon, a god with a terrifyingly towering stature who wields the exact same hammer that was shown in the opening cutscene of the game. He makes his home in Leyndell, now known as the Ashen Capital but formerly known as Leyndell, the Royal Capital before it fell into ruin as a result of the conflict with Maliketh, the Black Blade.

Radagon is an important figure in the lore of Elden Ring and serves as one of the game’s final bosses. His role in the game’s narrative carries a lot of weight. You will face him during the initial phase of the final boss fight, which will then be followed by the Elden Beast during the subsequent phase. Although you will not be rewarded for defeating this foe, doing so will bring you to a significant turning point in Elden Ring’s narrative. Your abilities as a player in the Elden Ring will be put to the test if you choose to participate in this fight. The good news is that this guide will provide you with instructions and methods that will assist you in achieving victory.

The following was revised by Nathan Round on the 30th of December, 2022:This guide has been revised to include some additional useful hints that should prove useful during the conflict with Radagon of the Golden Order in Elden Ring. In addition to that, we have included images and links that are pertinent to the topic

The Confrontation And Its Preparation

Bring Items That Can Protect You From Radagon’s Attacks Because Radagon can deal both Holy and Physical damage, it is important to bring items that can protect you from these types of attacks. Some examples of such items include the Haligdrake Talisman, which can reduce Holy damage, the Dragoncreast Greatshield Talisman, which can reduce physical damage, and the Pearldrake Talisman, which can help reduce non-physical damage.

Be aware of the Holy Damage that can be done, and always use a solid faith build. In order to successfully defend against Radagon’s signature Holy Damage attacks, you will find that Devine Fortification, Holyproof Dried Livers, and the Lord’s Divine Fortification are all extremely helpful.

Bring Fire: Radagon has resistance to damage from holy sources and is completely immune to bleeding effects from any source. In point of fact, this boss has some resistance to each and every type of damage, with fire damage being his one and only significant vulnerability. This boss fight will be much easier for you if you have powerful weapons like the Blasphemous Blade and the Sword of Night and Flame at your disposal. Incantations involving fire, such as “Flame Sling,” are another important consideration.

Approaches to Defeat Radagon’s Attack Strategies

It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with Radagon’s formidable and erratic moves before engaging in this epic battle at the end of the game. The difference between success and failure can often be determined by how closely his movements are watched and how well his cues are interpreted.

Hammer wind-up One of Radagon’s attacks will begin with him winding up his hammer to emit a swing, which conceives an explosive aura of holy substance intended to deal area-of-effect damage. The swing will be one of Radagon’s attacks. Players have no choice but to take this hit, even if they try to avoid it by dodging inward toward the attack as he starts to swing the hammer.

Radagon will conjure a bolt of lightning within his palm and hurl it in your direction before unleashing his lightning attack. Players who specialize in ranged combat will find this attack more difficult, but it is possible to avoid it by dodging either to the right or the left of the lightning bolt.

Uppercut Radagon will lift his hammer, accumulating Holy power, then bring it downward, causing a bursting explosion within that area. This attack is referred to as an uppercut. Rolling behind your opponent is the most effective defense against this attack; however, you must be careful to time it correctly. If you wait too long to perform this, you run the risk of rolling right into his devastating attack.

Stunning: Radagon will perform an impressive leap similar to a lunge, stunning the player with his knee, and then following that up with a stomp attack. Because it is carried out in a relatively short amount of time, this assault is difficult to anticipate. Make sure that you have a shield ready to use so that it can act as a barrier between the force of the attack and you, while also allowing you some room to dodge the attack after it has been blocked.

If you haven’t already noticed, Radagon combines a lot of slamming and smashing moves into one devastating combo move called the Smash Combo. In one of these smash attacks, Radagon will perform a complicated combo in which he will first stomp on the ground and then immediately ricochet himself into the air. It will only be a couple of seconds after he leaps that he will come crashing down, so you need to avoid him before he can reach you. Observe his movements and adjust your dodging based on what you see.

Teleportation Radagon will quickly shift to a different location by teleporting, and with each movement he makes, he will leave behind an explosive attack. Radagon’s moves will leave a trail of destruction behind him. Even though each explosion is on the lower end of the scale, they are still capable of inflicting significant damage. Keep track of his location, and if necessary, use dodge rolls to get out of the way of his attacks.

Iconic Combo Radagon performs his most famous combo by standing tall, swinging the hammer upward, and then slamming it down quickly onto the ground to deal Holy Damage. This is his most well-known move. After performing this move twice, he then brings it crashing down once more to create a symbol of the Elden Ring on the ground below. This final smash-down unleashes an even greater amount of Holy Damage across a larger area. In spite of the fact that this combination is devastating, you are provided with sufficient time to plan accordingly due to the fact that its anticipation is more obvious.

Advice for People Who Play Melee Games

  • To have the best chance of defeating Radagon as a melee player, you should make use of colossal weapons that can disrupt his flow
  • Maintain awareness of Radagon’s attack cues and position yourself appropriately in relation to him
  • In addition, the player will have an easier time winning the fight in general the closer they are to him
  • However, maintain your patience and watch for opportunities to strike first, as Radagon’s attacks are lightning quick and extremely lethal
  • The only significant drawback for players who specialize in melee combat is that they are unable to interfere with his movement or attacks while he is in the air

One more piece of advice is to exploit the fact that Radagon is vulnerable to the effects of fire. If you want the best possible results from your weapon choices, you should try using the Fire Grease or Faith weapon scaling. If you stick to close quarters combat and combine it with fire damage, the battle against Radagon will go much more smoothly.

Advice for Those Who Play at the Range

Before you enter the fray, it is highly recommended that you fit your bow with the arrows that deal the most damage. Radagon will make an effort to close the distance between himself and the player whenever they are engaged in ranged combat. This will provide you with an opportunity to launch an assault on him. Players will be able to deal some damage to the enemy if they shoot him with the most damaging arrows they can muster before he is able to completely close the distance between them. Do not, however, overlook the significance of dodging, particularly when Radagon is performing his own ranged attacks.

Advice for Those Who Play Casters

In order to deal some significant damage early on, it is essential that you cast your most powerful spell as soon as you enter the arena. This is especially true when you take into account the fact that Radagon has a larger gap to close in on you at this moment, providing you with a lot of room to maneuver and plenty of opportunities to strike. The summoning of a Spirit Ash is another useful strategy because it will divert a significant portion of his attention and provide you with additional opportunities to deal damage to him.

Dodging is extremely important, especially when facing Radagon’s aerial attacks; keep this in mind at all times. It might appear as though now is a good time to cast a spell or use a healing Elden Ring runes, but in reality, you could be leaving yourself open to an onslaught of foes.

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