How to Avoid Anxiety Before the Exam: Simple Tips


Hadley Bourn

Exams are not as scary as the excitement before them. And what to do if this is about you? How can you effectively overcome fear and not be afraid of exams? We decided to study the tips of psychologists and choose the most, in our opinion, effective ways to relieve anxiety and fear before exams and stop worrying.

Stress before an exam: the nature of anxiety

You have to know the enemy in the face. So before we tell you how to cope with exam anxiety, let’s understand what lies at the heart of anxiety.

Initially, nature invented anxiety as a defense mechanism. People who worried and expected trouble were more alert and reacted more quickly if danger did strike. The careless optimists, on the other hand, were more likely to become someone’s dinner. So panicking and worrying is a useful ability that helped our ancestors survive. But in our relatively peaceful times, increased anxiety is more often distracting than beneficial. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to calm your nerves, relax well and learn to trust the world.

How to calm down before an exam: simple tips

What mechanisms underlie anxiety are understood. And now let’s look at different ways that are sure to help successfully fight exam anxiety.

Prepare for the exam as responsibly as possible

We remember that anxiety is a reaction to uncertainty. And therefore, to stop worrying, it is enough to learn the material well. This will increase your confidence in your knowledge and help you pass even the most difficult exam in uni. And in order to manage everything and to turn off the excitement during the preparation, make a plan and move on it. That way you can learn or repeat more information. And even if you use the essay writing service, reread these works, so that it will be good for you.

Find out all the nuances of the exam

 How not worry before the exam? Find out all the information:

– find out how the test procedure works;

– who will be taking the exam; what are the special features of that teacher;

– what he or she is most likely to pay attention to.

This approach works great for students who like to be in control and follow the rules. Clarifying the terms will reduce anxiety and make the situation clearer and more familiar.

Think critically

How not worry before an exam? Successfully overcome anxiety helps the ability to think critically. Look at the situation without any illusions, and imagine the possibilities, but realistic scenarios. What’s the worst that could happen? Being sent to retake the exam? Or get a low score? That’s no reason to get hysterical. After all, exams are only a small part of your life, not the whole meaning of it.

Watch your breathing

How do you avoid getting nervous before an exam, especially if you’re overcome by panic attacks? Breathing helps to cope with such critical states. Remember, we said that anxiety and stress are reflected in human physiology? But this mechanism works both ways. So if you take control of your breathing and begin to breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly, your condition will change. This method helps not only to calm down before the university session itself but also not to get nervous during the exam itself.

Follow your work and rest routine

 Another way to avoid worrying during an exam is to feel rested. Yes, a person who gets enough sleep and monitors his overall condition is less likely to worry, and is easier to overcome stress in critical situations. So if you have a choice between going to bed or learning a few more paragraphs the night before the exam – choose the first option. So you’ll learn better what you’ve already repeated, feel more confident and relaxed, and be sure to find a way out if you come across an unknown topic at the exam.

Are you nervous? Take a snack

You’ve learned everything, slept well, but the anxiety is still present? So how do you stop getting nervous before an exam? You can have a little snack. Our body cannot do two things at once, so when a person eats, he calms down. The brain, which enjoys eating, simply has no time for anxiety at that moment.

Exercise to reduce stress

Sometimes the anxiety is just off the charts. So how do you quickly calm down before a university exam? Physical activity helps many people a lot. After all, anxiety is also manifested by tension in the body. Exercise in the gym once a week will be great prevention of anxiety before exams. And if anxiety catches you right in front of the classroom, then light jumps and a little physical activity will return your tone and calmness.

Set the right mood with music

If sports aren’t your thing, try putting yourself in a confident mood with music. This is another great answer to the question: how do you cope with the stress before an exam? Music directly affects our emotions and moods. Listen to your favorite tracks if they energize you.

If you like pessimistic compositions or, on the contrary, extremely heavy rock, it is better to put them aside for the time of exams, giving preference to calmer music.

Also, some small tools like this fidget ring can help you relax.

Now you know exactly how to calm down and stop getting nervous before an exam. Use these tips in the exam session and life.