How to Add Subtitles to Video: Guide and Examples


Sandeep Singh

In recent years the significance of subtitles has increased along with the exponential rise of video content. More and more videos are being created and watched daily. Adding subtitles to videos is a fantastic method to increase their accessibility to viewers worldwide.

It is challenging for a content developer to make subtitles for a lengthy video because they must accurately sync the subtitles with the audio and video while transcribing every word in the movie.

In this situation, using auto subtitle generator online software to create subtitles from movies automatically is essential. It is now quicker than ever to create video subtitles using this software. With subtitles, you may reach a wider audience, improve your return on investment, and encourage more people to watch your videos.

This article provides step-by-step instructions for adding subtitles using an automatic subtitle generator and captioning tips.

Easy Steps on How to Add Subtitles Using Free Auto Subtitle Generator

Adding subtitles using an online free auto subtitle generator is pretty straightforward. It can help you save a lot of time. In only a few minutes, you’ll be able to generate subtitles for your videos automatically.

Plus, it will make your video visible to deaf or hard-of-hearing audiences, allowing them to experience more lovely aspects of the world.

Here’s how to add subtitles to your video:

Step 1. Create or Upload your video

Using the platform’s online video maker, upload your video or start from scratch. You can import your file from anywhere, including your laptop, Google Drive, YouTube, or Dropbox.

Step 2. Create captions automatically

To add subtitles to your movie, use the captioning option to convert voice to text and translate it instantly into more than 70 languages. Plus, you can upload a file with your unique subtitles or.vtt format.

Step 3. Make captions that are specific to your brand.

Change your captions’ color, font, and size to create a unique appearance and feel. To develop aesthetic consistency, ensure they adhere to your brand’s style.

Essential Suggestions for Adding Captions:

Divide the captions equally. By dividing them into equal-length lines, you can make your captions faster and easier to read.

Verify your translation. Even if you’re not fluent in the language you’re using to translate the captions, watch the video to see if the subtitles match the images.

Make sure it is readable. For your audience to have adequate time to read and comprehend, subtitles must be clear.

Avoid hiding critical information. Select a size and background for your subtitles so they won’t cover up any vital parts of your video.

Benefits of Utilizing an Auto Subtitle Generator Online Software

Adding subtitles using an auto subtitle generator online offers definite advantages. It lessens time, increases engagement, is cost-efficient, and provides free marketing tools and professional-looking videos.

Here are the benefits of using an auto generator online:

Boost Video Views

As reported, YouTube videos with subtitles can increase viewing time by up to 40%. Facebook’s internal testing, captioned video ads can boost video views by an average of 12%.

Increase Audience Engagement

To increase audience engagement, use an auto subtitle generator online to add subtitles to your videos before sharing them on social media. Adding English subtitles to your videos makes your videos accessible worldwide and can be understood by a wider audience. It can boost sales, traffic, and customer engagement.

Perfect for Creating Educational Videos

Using a free auto subtitle generator online, students can transpose lectures and speeches from recordings captured during listening sessions.


You can modify videos & subtitles online using free auto subtitle generator software. It is time-consuming and perfect for individuals who don’t have massive time to spend editing videos. You can get a lot done in little time.

Wider Reach

An online subtitle auto-generator is helpful if you produce videos with a global audience. People from various regions may interact and engage with your videos if you include English auto-generated subtitles because they understand the message. You won’t need to worry about any errors because this tool generates clear and precise subtitles.


Although numerous tools exist for creating subtitles online, not all perform the same tasks. An online auto subtitle generator significantly reduces the complexity of manually adding subtitles to your videos.

Using subtitles on videos is a quick and easy approach to expanding your audience and boosting engagement with your content. Use the free auto subtitle generator online to quickly and easily add captions and custom subtitles to your videos.

Moreover, captioning videos can boost your company’s search engine rankings and make it easier for search engines to index your page. Captions and subtitles also allow viewers with hearing and learning disabilities to view and engage with your videos.

Finding an auto subtitle generator online tool with advanced features such as turning on speech, automatic captions, and converting text to videos is also essential because many video content creators focus on saving time.

Furthermore, an auto-generated subtitles online can modify and produce subtitles in several other languages, further enhancing your social media videos’ diversity, usability, and functionality.