How Technology is Changing the Way Art is Being Acquired?


Sandeep Singh

The world of art was not an open one, just a few years ago, still. However, it has changed considerably over a short period of time, in great part thanks to technology, which has made artworks easier to access for everyone. It has also helped more artists in their rise to fame. Here is what you need to know about how technology has changed the world of art.

Online Galleries are opening the World of Art to Younger Generations

You can certainly call it a democratization of the world of art. Whereas only rich individuals had access to paintings, sculptures, photographs and other exclusive pieces of art before, today, everyone can go on an online gallery such as SINGULART, in order to find a hand oil painting of the highest quality, by a great artist. What the technology did, is to open the world of art to a new generation of buyers. We have to keep in mind that those who were born with Facebook, Instagram and other social media, attach a great importance to beauty. They share their version of it, online, every day. For them, the discovery of art, thanks to online galleries, was a match made in heaven. This is why many of the good collections in the world, are now owned by a younger crowd than before.

A Simpler Way to acquire Art

If the world of art is developing more rapidly than ever, it is also due to the fact that it is easier now to acquire a work of art. The process, before, was at the opposite of the spectrum. First, you had to find an art gallery and visit it (physically). Once there, you had a very restricted choice of artworks to choose from, which often did not suffice. And so, you had to continue the round of art galleries in your town, until you found the artwork that would illuminate one of the rooms in your home.

Real collectors had to travel to many different cities, in order to find their “pearl.” It was a very costly process; one that only a certain elite could go through, without any financial issue. Today, anyone can go to an online gallery and find the piece that will make them happy. On the internet, there are no limitations of (physical) space. Therefore, they can showcase as many artworks as they want, for customers to choose from. In the end, you can buy an artwork online, almost as easily as you would buy a shirt. That is quite a change in itself.

Hope for Artists

The world of art would not exist without the artists that create the artworks. It is not always an easy life, when you have to wait for your next piece to be bought. Before, just to find their way in an art gallery, was an almost impossible task. With the advent of online galleries, artists finally have hope, as they can find one easily, that will be willing to show their work, if they are any good at it.