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How Technology Has Changed the Way We Play Bingo


Hadley Bourn

The world of bingo has changed remarkably in the last two decades. The traditional experience of attending a physical bingo hall has given way to fun and versatile online gaming.

Online bingo operators often provide exclusive offers and features such as free bingo without deposit to allow players to try out new sites for free. Bonus features and set-ups have also strengthened the appeal of online play and kept the momentum of the shift moving.

Mobile Tech and Bingo

The simple fact is that people love to play bingo on their smartphones and mobile devices. This is a fundamental change from the days when bingo was all about the traditional high street venues.

A younger and more tech-savvy audience began to become more interested in gaming online as internet speeds and hardware improved.

This change in the picture coincided with gaming firms and bookmakers realising the potential for online gaming. By the end of the 1990s, the shift to online gaming was in full swing.

One of the clearest indications of how important technology is to gaming is its offering of pure convenience. Nowadays, gambling, gaming and bingo play is available around the clock.

Online bingo sites and apps make use of the latest technology to provide players with a richly created experience of mobile play. The rise in mobile internet has had more of a profound effect on the gaming and bingo industry than anything else.

As with every other area of life, mobile technology has transformed the way bingo is played. There is accessibility offered that allows players to play whenever and wherever they want to.

Another major advantage is in the security offered by the most respected sites and providers. Rather than having to walk home from the hall with recent winnings, online play can quickly transfer funds via trusted accounts and services.

Credit and debit cards, virtual wallets and PayPal are almost always available for use with online gaming sites. This improves the security and ease of use of claiming winnings.

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A Worldwide Audience

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Online gaming has increased the global reach, where many players across the world can get involved.

Nowadays the reach of the game has extended far further. It is estimated that there are now over 6 billion smartphone subscribers worldwide.

Online bingo is available in places that may not be historically familiar with the game. This has led to developers and designers concentrating on the universal draw of winnings, bonuses and easy to play fundamentals.

A Younger Generation

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Online Bingo has boosted hype amongst the younger generation, increasing the popularity of the game in general.

Mobile gaming is immensely popular with a younger audience of players. Bingo has seen a new influx of gamers keen to enjoy its fundamental excitement and thrills.

Playing bingo used to be a localized experience. Traditional bingo halls were situated on the high street and regular players would meet their friends and enjoy a game. It was popular due to the socializing just as much as the potential winnings.

While the bricks and mortar venues of bingo halls are still in evidence, today sites and apps are far more appealing to the younger crowd. Young adults are the highest users of apps in general and are far more likely to be aware of something if there is an app for it.

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New Themes and Graphics

Bingo apps have been carefully developed to make the most of this younger target audience. Developers consistently come up with new themes, enticing visual hooks and great resolution to draw players in.

Fully responsive touch screens and designs made specifically for the smaller screens of mobile devices offer yet more comfort and enjoyment.

High-quality graphics on gaming apps are improving all the time. Mobile gaming sites deliver them in style, providing an involving gaming experience to all players.

Another rapidly changing area in the online gaming world is in new graphical themes. Themes linking to popular TV, movie and fantasy characters are popular for keeping the game exciting and fresh.

Different Games of Bingo

The game of Bingo itself has developed online alongside different sites and providers. While the 90-ball variant is the best known across physical and online venues, new styles of the game have also emerged.

There is now a 52-ball bingo game based around a deck of cards. Players are dealt out their bingo balls as though receiving a hand of cards. Played on a 5 x 5 grid, the game offers a new kind of thrill.

Another card game inspired variant of bingo uses joker cards to further change the gameplay. Players win by marking off a complete line of cards in a 3 x 3 grid. However, they can also mischievously win when they see a joker appear. It is a non-stop fast game of bingo, available in different styles and themes.

Further Changes in the Future

As bingo continues to develop online, we are sure to see yet more changes. The possibilities for further technological breakthroughs are always exciting, and the impact they have are potentially unlimited.

All kinds of online gaming, bingo included, look set to benefit from new technology. Virtual reality gaming and possibilities for augmented reality are sure to play a part in how we enjoy playing bingo in the future. What is certain though, is that the overall buzz of marking off another number after the call will stay just as strong.

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