How Tall Is Rudy Pankow? His Character Roles, Instagram and More!


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Outer Banks fans are almost certainly counting during the time until the hit Netflix original youngster show series gets back with its exceptionally expected second season this mid year. In front of the appearance of the new episodes, we should get to know star Rudy Pankow somewhat better.

Rudy Pankow shows up in Outer Banks as JJ Maybank, one of the center four, presently five, Pogues tracking down a storied fortune. As one of the Pogues, JJ’s much of the time the one suggesting the most stunning plans, however you never have to scrutinize his dependability.

Obviously, Pankow will be back in activity as JJ in Outer Banks season 2, as the posse takes up where they forgot about in the fallout of John B and Sarah’s vanishing. Doubtlessly JJ will have in excess of a couple of significant minutes in season 2.

Pankow was brought into the world on Aug. 12, 1997, making the rising actor 23 years of age as of July 2021. He comes from Ketchikan, Gold country, which is far from the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Rudy Pankow Followers

On his Instagram account, Pankow flaunts 3.7 million followers, a number that is certain to ascend as OBX partakes in one more resurgence in fame with the bow of season 2. Along behind-the-scenes snaps from set and other Outer Banks content, Pankow additionally shares in vogue photos and selfies.

Rudy Pankow height

You can likewise follow Pankow on Twitter at a similar handle, @rudeth, where the Outer Banks star has one more 204.6K hanging onto all his universes. While he’s not as dynamic on Twitter, he’s definitely worth a follow.

Pankow remains at 6 feet tall, very much like his kindred Pogues Pursue Stokes and Jonathan Daviss, who are 6 feet 1 inch and 6 feet separately.

Rudy Pankow Jobs

In spite of the fact that he stars in one of the greatest shows on Netflix, Pankow’s as yet something of a rookie. He featured in various short movies in 2017 and 2018.

You could have likewise seen him in a foundation job on Netflix’s The Legislator or the genuine wrongdoing series Settled prior to breaking out in Outer Banks. He’ll next be found in the film Space Waves.

 15 realities about the Outer Banks star you need to know!

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Rudy Pankow is rapidly becoming another television hearththrob thanks to his starring job in Outer Banks on Netflix. However, this isn’t his most memorable time on screen.

How Old Is Rudy Pankow?

Rudy Pankow was brought into the world in 1998. His birthday is August 12. He is at present 24 years of age.

Rudy Pankow height

What Is Rudy Pankow’s Zodiac Sign?

Rudy Pankow is a mid-August child so his star sign is Leo. According to zodiac specialists, Leos will generally be sure, aggressive, steadfast and furiously defensive of their loved ones

How Tall Is Rudy Pankow?

Rudy Pankow is 6 feet tall. This makes his height 1.83 meters.

Where Is Rudy Pankow From? Might It Be Said That He Is American?

Rudy Pankow‘s identity is American. He was brought into the world in Gold country in the US and grew up there.

Who Plays JJ in External Banks on Netflix?

Rudy Pankow is the actor who plays JJ in Outer Banks on Netflix. JJ is a surfer and dearest companions with John B. This is Rudy’s most memorable lead job in a significant series.

Where Did Rudy Pankow Go to Class? Did He Go to College?

Rudy Pankow studied at Ketchikan Secondary School in Ketchikan in The Frozen North. He then moved to LA to seek after his fantasies about acting and landed little jobs to a great extent prior to getting his huge break in Outer Banks.

Rudy Pankow height

Rudy Pankow Was an Extra in the Legislator on Netflix!

Prior to starring in Outer Banks, Rudy Pankow showed up in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series The Legislator close by Ben Platt. He highlighted in season 1, episode 5, ‘The Elector’.

Rudy Pankow Will Star As Joey in Space Waves!

Rudy Pankow is set to play Joey Kite in another film called Space Waves. The film is around two companions who become well known after their podcast turns into a web sensation. This is Rudy’s most memorable job as a lead actor in a full length film.

What Motion Pictures and Programs Has Rudy Pankow Been In?

Rudy Pankow might be most popular for playing J.J. in Outer Banks but at the same time he’s acted in several other television series and films. He’s played little parts in The Lawmaker and Acting for a Cause. Concerning films, Rudy featured in the short film Takeoff with Drew Starkey and he’s going to show up in Space Waves and The Campaigns.

Rudy Pankow Is Dear Companions With Madison Bailey and the Other Outer Banks Cast!

Rudy Pankow and Madison Bailey who plays Kiara in Outer Banks are companions IRL. They frequently show up on one another’s virtual entertainment takes care of and are both close with the other Outer Banks cast. [@madisonbaileybabe by means of Instagram]

Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Rudy Pankow is as of now dating Elaine Siemek. The couple keep their relationship pretty hidden yet Rudy wished Elaine a cheerful birthday last November writing: “You give me butterflies regular… in a real sense.

Cheerful Birthday PBM”. Elaine’s Instagram account is private yet she at present has north of 142,000 followers. Her username is: @elameeeee

Is Rudy Pankow Dating Elaine Siemek?

Rudy Pankow and Elaine Siemek are boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s indistinct precisely when the couple began dating. Elaine is Outer Banks’ co-creator’s aide so it’s conceivable that they met on set.

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The couple are private however you can incidentally find adorable heartfelt photos and posts on their Instagram lattices. They likewise featured in a short film together canceled Lift with Drew Starkey.

Rudy Pankow height

What Is Rudy Pankow’s Net Worth?

Rudy Pankow is assessed to have a net worth of generally $500,000. In any case, Netflix have never uncovered the Outer Banks compensations so it’s conceivable that Rudy is worth pretty much than this figure.

Is Rudy Pankow on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat?

Rudy Pankow has an Instagram account. His username is @rudeth and he at present has more than 109,000 followers on the web-based entertainment stage. Rudy doesn’t have public Twitter or Snapchat accounts right now.


Rudy Pankow has turned into a fan-most loved thanks to his job as John B’s faithful closest companion. From his dating history to his family foundation, his die-hard fans have everything about his life covered, yet some are as yet flabbergasted by his height since he towers over his female cast individuals.

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