how much do f1 drivers make



Formula 1 Drivers Earn Way More Than You Would Have Imagined

One of the sports that attracts the most spectators around the globe is Formula One. In the world of single-seater formula racing automobiles, this is the highest class of racing that can be competed in. The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), which was founded on June 20, 1904, is the organisation that has the authority to sanction Formula One.

The first ever World Drivers’ Championship took place on May 13, 1950, at Silverstone in the United Kingdom. This event represented the beginning of Formula One racing. In 1981, the event was renamed the FIA Formula One World Championship to reflect its new status.

During the course of a season, multiple competitions known as Grand Prix take place in various locations across the world. The collection of these competitions is referred to as a Formula One season. The term “formula” refers to a predetermined set of guidelines that all of the competing teams are required to follow.

What Is Grand Prize

The term “grand prize” comes directly from the French phrase “grand prix,” which means “great competition.” The FIA has ranked the courses at the “1” level, and they are the ones that are used for the races. Because of this, they decided to call it Formula One.

The competitions are held on purpose-built courses that have been approved by the FIA. The majority of tracks can be found in somewhat rural areas that are easily accessible from major cities. There are a few competitions, such as the British Grand Prix and the Singapore Grand Prix, that take place on public roads that have been closed off for the event.

how much do f1 drivers make

The World Championship of Formula One Automobile Racing is widely regarded as the pinnacle of motorsports competition and consistently draws massive crowds.

In order to compete in a Formula One race, a driver must be in possession of a current and valid Super Licence from the FIA. At the conclusion of each race, a points system is used to evaluate not only the performance of the drivers but also that of the constructors of the cars.

At the end of each season, the FIA tallys up all of the points that have been earned by each competitor and then hands out two yearly World Championships—one for the drivers and one for the constructors.

How Does F1 Start

The European Championship that took place in the 1920s and 1930s is considered to be the cradle of Formula One racing today. The Second World War brought an end to all forms of racing in Europe. After the end of World War II, a number of individuals who were previously not involved in auto racing began doing so. 1946 was the year when the rules for Formula One were formalised and agreed upon by all of the competitors. The inaugural Formula One Grand Prix competition took place in 1946 at the Turin circuit in Italy.

how much do f1 drivers make

The controversy resulted in the suspension of all Grand Prix racing across Europe, despite the fact that numerous Grand Prix organisations all around Europe had already developed rules for Grand Prix racing. In 1947, the World Drivers’ Championship became an official competition. In 1950, the first race for the world championship was held at Silverstone, which is located in Great Britain. After another eight years, the World Constructors’ Championship was finally held.

Formula One Drivers Income

People, in general, have a propensity to talk about how much money they make in their jobs, and this tendency is observable across a variety of professional fields. Regarding the issue of wages, the same rule applies to drivers and teams that choose to keep their cards close to their chest.

The majority of Formula One driver contracts feature performance-based bonuses, which stipulate that the driver will receive a certain sum of money if he or she wins a race and also scores points that are higher than the threshold level that was mutually agreed upon. The majority of Formula One drivers do not like to brag about their salaries, but this does not stop the press from making guesses about them.

how much do f1 drivers make

Max Verstappen, a Belgian-Dutch racing driver and the 2021 Formula One World Champion, took home around $43 million in earnings, making him the highest-paid Formula 1 driver in the world. Verstappen is the highest-paid Formula 1 driver in the world. Max is a member of the Red Bull Racing (RBR) team, which races under the Dutch flag.

According to, Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time winner of the Formula One World Championship, is the second-highest paid F1 driver, with an annual salary of roughly $40 million. Hamilton is the second highest-paid F1 driver.

Price Tag On Formula 1 Drivers

Beginning with the 2021 racing season, Formula One has decided to institute a limit on the total costs in order to ensure that all of the teams’ budgetary strategies are on an equal footing. During the course of the season, each team’s total spending is limited to a maximum of $145 million.

how much do f1 drivers make

This amount is only valid for ‘performance-related costs,‘ and it does not include other expenses such as the cost of building the vehicles, mechanics’ and engineers’ salaries, testing, and so on.In addition, we do not include the costs of marketing, bonuses, travel and accommodation, or driver fees.

Because of this, it appears that the pay of Formula One drivers will not be affected by the shift, as teams will be able to spend an infinite amount on their drivers.