How Many Seasons of Bosch Are There? Get to Know All Details Here!


Aditi Deshinge

Bosch seasons are truly an excellent and energetic for every Harry Bosch enthusiast. The seventh season of the series ended just some time ago with a tremendous final episode. But fans are wondering more from the show. As of now there are total seven seasons of Bosch.

Therefore, fans are waiting for another thrilling season to air soon. But is still not clear whether the eighth season of Bosch is going to release or not. If you people are still thinking about whether eighth season of Bosch is going to come on Amazon Prime or not then you have landed on a right place.

How Many Seasons of Bosch

To this date, undoubtedly Bosch is the show which has ran for the longest period on Amazon with an incredible response from the audience. Therefore an expectation to get something more from the show always stays.

In this post we are going to discuss everything about the eighth season of Bosch with some more useful updates that will help you to learn more.

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How Many Seasons of Bosch Are There?

As of now there are seven seasons of Bosch are present. Check out the list of all 7 seasons below –

Season 1

Based on The Concrete Blonde (Book 3), City of Bones (Book 8), and Echo Park (Book 12)

Season 2

Based on The Last Coyote (Book 4) and Trunk Music (Book 5)

Season 3

Based on The Black Echo (Book 1), Death of Ed Gunn based on A Darkness More Than Night (Book 7), and The Drop (Book 15)

Season 4

Based on Angels Flight (Book 6), Major character death based on Nine Dragons (Book 14)

Season 5

Based on Two Kinds of Truth (Book 20)

Season 6

Based on The Overlook (Book 13), and Dark Sacred Night (Book 21)

Season 7

Based on The Burning Room (Book 17)

What is the Potential Release Date of Bosch Season 8?

Amazon has launched one of the best adventurous series in the form of Bosch. However, there is some bad news for the fans of Bosch. As of now there is no confirmation of season 8 of Bosch by the makers as well as Amazon even though the chances of its renewal were high from the last episode of the previous season.

How Many Seasons of Bosch

Moreover, Amazon has already declared that Bosch season 7 will be the last season of the series.

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What is the Cast of Bosch Show?

Main cast

  • Titus Welliveras Los Angeles Police Department Detective
  • Jamie Hectoras Detective II Jerome (Jerry) Edgar, Bosch’s partner
  • Amy Aquinoas Lieutenant II Grace Billets, Bosch’s immediate superior and friend
  • Lance Reddickas Chief of Police Irvin Irving
  • Annie Wersching(season 1; guest seasons 2 & 7) as Police Officer I Julia Brasher, a rookie cop assigned to the Hollywood Division. She becomes romantically involved with Bosch but comes into conflict with him when he realizes that she makes up the rules as she goes along
  • Jason Gedrick (season 1) as Raynard Waits, a serial killer and the suspect in the death of a boy whose bones are found in Laurel Canyon
  • Sarah Clarke (seasons 1–2 & 4; guest season 3) as Eleanor Wish, Harry’s ex-wife with whom he still has a cordial relationship. She is a former FBI Agent turned professional poker player.
  • Madison Lintz(recurring season 1; main seasons 2–7) as Madeline (Maddie) Bosch, Harry’s daughter
  • Jeri Ryan (season 2; featured season 3; guest season 5) as Veronica Allen, a manipulative former porn star married to an Armenian porn producer who is murdered
  • Brent Sexton (season 2) as Carl Nash, a former LAPD homicide detective who oversees a team of corrupt police officers while working as a security guard at a gated community
  • Mimi Rogers (recurring seasons 1–6; main season 7) as Honey “Money” Chandler, a civil rights attorney
  • Paul Calderón (recurring seasons 3–5; main season 7) as Detective II Santiago “Jimmy” Robertson, a seasoned detective investigating the murder of a vet who has a history with Harry

What Do We Think About Bosch Seasons?

Well, most of the Amazon originals are always attractive to the viewers. Hence Bosch is also really more exciting and full of mysteries in each episode. Therefore, an eagerness to catch every scene was much more than any other series on Amazon Prime.

It is considered as tremendous that one series is ruling the OTT platform for such a longer period. And the reason behind is that no one wants to part away from Harry Bosch.

Moreover, each fan must remember that every great thing has an end too. This time Amazon made a prior announcement that there would be only 7 seasons of Bosch and after seven seasons the story is going to end here.

Therefore, expecting another season of the series is not logical. But due to immense love which is showered by the audience, makers are now thinking differently about the show.

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Trailer –

Check out the trailer of Bosch season 1 below. By watching this video you can decide whether to watch the show or not. So enjoy the trailer below :