How Many Seasons of Bleach Are There? What Do We Know About It?


Aditi Deshinge

Bleach is a top rated anime series of all the time. It has sold over 120 million copies all around the world. Therefore it is not surprising that knowing it has plenty of seasons due to its viewership as well as fan base. But the question is how many seasons of Bleach are there?

There are sixteen seasons of Bleach as of now and another one is in the process of making. In this article we are going to discuss about the story, characters and many more which you should know about this anime series.

Bleach is a Japanese manga show which is penned and illustrated by Tite Kubo. This anime adaptation was produced by Studio Pierrot and it is directed by Noriyuki Abe.

The show ran for a superb 16 seasons with 366 episodes in it from 2004 to 2012 on TV Tokyo in Japan. Viz Media received foreign television and home video distribution rights for the anime in 2006.

Then anime was streamed in the United States on Adult Swim which is an adult oriented night time TV channel from September 2006 to November 2014.

How Many Seasons of Bleach

In March 2020, it was revealed that the final story arc Thousand Year Blood War would gain an anime television adaptation which is all set the premiere in October 2022.

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How Many Seasons of Bleach Are There?

As of November 2022, there are 16 seasons will 366 episodes of Bleach are released. Moreover another season of the anime is in the process of making and it is set to premiere in the fall of 2022.

All the 16 seasons are widely known as the story arcs even though some arcs are filled with filler episodes which can be skipped.

  • Season 1 – The Substitute Soul Reaper (20 episodes)
  • Season 2 – The Entry (21 episodes)
  • Season 3 – The Rescue (22 episodes)
  • Season 4 – The Bount (28 episodes).
  • Season 5 – The Assault (18 episodes)
  • Season 6 – Arrancar: The Appearance (22 episodes)
  • Season 7 – The Arrancar Part 2: The Hueco Mundo Sneak Entry (20 episodes)
  • Season 8 – The Arrancar Part 3: The Fierce Fight (16 episodes)
  • Season 9 – The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai (22 episodes)
  • Season 10 –  The Arrancar Part 4: Arrancar vs Soul Reaper (16 episodes)
  • Season 11 –  Turn Back The Pendulum (7 episodes)
  • Season 12 – The Arrancar Part 5: Battle in Karakura (2009) (17 episodes)
  • Season 13 – Zanpakutō: The Alternate Tale (36 episodes)
  • Season 14 – The Arrancar Part 6: Fall of the Espada (51 episodes)
  • Season 15 –  Gotei 13 Invading Army (26 episodes)
  • Season 16 – The Lost Agent (24 episodes)

What Are the Different Arcs of the Bleach Series?

An arc is the part of the tale in a manga or anime show. Generally it is set at one place or during one specific event and it is named after that or event.

In Bleach, the anime story arcs align with the seasons as follows –

  1. Agent of the Shinigami arc (episodes 1 – 20)
  2. Soul Society: The Sneak Entry arc (episodes 21 – 41)
  3. Soul Society: The Rescue arc (episodes 21 – 41)
  4. The Bount arc (episodes 64 – 91)
  5. Bount Assault on Soul Society arc (episodes 92 – 109)
  6. Arrancar: The Arrival arc (episode 110 – 131)
  7. Arrancar: The Hueco Mundo Sneak Entry arc (episodes 132 – 151)
  8. Arrancar: The Fierce Fight arc (Episodes 152 – 167)
  9. The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai arc (episodes 168 – 189)
  10. Arrancar vs Shinigami arc (episodes 190 – 205)
  11. The Past arc (episodes 206 – 212)
  12. Arrancar: Decisive Battle of Karakura arc (episodes 213 – 229)
  13. Zanooakutō Unknown Tales arc (episodes 230 – 265)
  14. Arrancar: Downfall arc (episode 266 – 316)
  15. Gotei 13 Invading Army arc (episodes 317 – 342)
  16. The Lost Substitute Shinigami arc (episodes 343 – 366)

What is the Plotline of the Bleach Series?

The anime show revolves around a 15 years old student Ichigo Kurosa who attends high school in Karakura Town. When Rukia Kuchiki who is a soul reaper or Shinigami get injured  while battling with a hollow, she gives Ichigo the power to become a substitute for soul reaper.

Eventually, he then found out that some of his classmates have powers of their own. Uryu Ishida is a Quincy which is a group of humans who were destroyed by other soul reapers.

How Many Seasons of Bleach

Initially, Uryu challenges Ichigo to watch who can defeat more but they ultimately end up working together. They they become lifelong friends and fights plenty of battles together.

Where to watch upcoming Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War?

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War will available to watch on Hulu in the United States while for rest of the world it is going to available on Disney Plus Hotstar. Per week one episode is going to release.

The show has been premiered on Hulu on 10th October 2022. Viz media has revealed that the anime will have 4 seasons each of which have almost 10 to 14 episodes with a weekly streaming of three to four months per season.

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What Are the Characters of the Bleach Anime?

Check out the list of characters of Bleach anime below –

Main Cast –

  • Ichigo Kurosaki

He is the lead protagonist of the Bleach anime. And he is 15 years old boy who lives in Karakuro Town.

  • Rukia Kuchiki

He is soul reaper whose duty is to slay evil spirits which is known as Hollows.

  • Orihime Inoue

She is a classmate and friend of Ichigo with whom he has always had a crush. She eventually develops spiritual powers when Ichigo becomes Soul Reaper.

  • Renji Abarai
  • Uryū Ishida
  • Yasutora “Chad” Sado


  • Hollows
  • Sōsuke Aizen[
  • Bounts

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Conclusion –

We hope that this post has given you a complete guide about how many seasons of Bleach are there. Despite of its 16 long seasons we would like to recommend anime lovers to watch this exciting anime.

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