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In the United States, How Many Locations Bear the Name Cranberry?



In this immense territory of the United States, some places generate curiosity among individuals across the different corners of the world in the view that these places bear the name Cranberry. Do you ever wonder about what is the reason behind these different cranberry-named locations?

However, these places are divergent but carry similar significant names. How did these distinct American landscape shares a similar name? Do not worry, you will get all the answers to your intriguing questions here.  Through this exploration, I have delved into the stories behind the countless Cranberry-named places scattered across the nation. Let’s take a deep dive into this post without wasting much time and effort.

How Many Townships in the United States Share the Name Cranberry Township?

Four townships in the United States share the same name, Cranberry. These places are more than just a similar name because they all have shared a different sense of identity, shape, history, and stories which should be taken into consideration. Here is the list of all those towns given below, take a look at this information.

  • Cranberry Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania.
  • Cranberry Township, Alleghany County, North Carolina.
  • Cranberry Township, Avery County, North Carolina.
  • Cranberry Township, Ohio.

What Distinct Narratives Lie Within the Cranberry Townships’ Histories?

Cranberry named Locations in United States

Cranberry Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania

Of all five Cranberry townships, one is located in southwestern Butler County, Pennsylvania, United States. The history of this town is pretty interesting as it is one of the fastest growing areas of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. This town was given the name Cranberry because numerous wild cranberries were grown along the banks of Brush Creek before the 20th century. Do not miss out on reading, What Options Are Available for Streaming the American Express?

However, the 20th-century memories of growing wild cranberries spread widespread attention towards the banks of Brush Creek. It serves as a great testimony to recognizing the balance between humanity and nature. Moreover, the considerable legacy of these berries leaves a remarkable impact on the history and heritage of the region.

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Turning to more such details, Cranberry Township was just an agricultural community before World War II. Moreover, it was without any traditional downtown. As per according to the 2020 census, the population of this was  33,087. Additionally, there is a 20,500-member workforce which is considerably larger than the 9,200 township residents who are engaged in working outside the borders of this town.

Cranberry Township, Alleghany County, North Carolina.

Cranberry Township, one of the seven townships within Alleghany County, North Carolina, USA, was recorded to have 375 residents according to the 2010 census. This township may indeed be small in size but the wealth of characters as well as the charm that is in it is the predominant reason that captivates the attention of all who visit.

Formerly a segment of Prather Creek Township before 1880, Cranberry Township spans an area of 23.9 square miles (62.0 km2) and shares borders with Wilkes County to the south and Ashe County to the west. Before proceeding further, take a look at Discover Top 10 Dangerous Cities to Live in Utah.

You should visit that place once. Whether you are a long-time resident or a first-time visitor at this Cranberry location, It always welcomes you with open arms. You can experience the magic of small-town living in the heart of North Carolina’s Alleghany County.

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Cranberry Township, Avery County, North Carolina

Cranberry is an unincorporated community in Avery County, North Carolina, United States. In 1850, this community was founded and named Cranberry because of the flow of  Cranberry Creek in that particular area. However, It is located around one mile south of the town of Elk Park, along US 19E.

To grasp all the informative approaches regarding the history of Cranberry Township in Avery County, North Carolina, United States, one may consider that, before the settlement of this town, it was well recognized as one of the largest veins of iron ore in the United States. Do not miss out, In Tokyo, Taylor Swift Dancing Through a Seductive Choreography Error.

To specify, the reason behind producing the iron ore is for the Confederate Army because of the Civil War. Later on,  the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad (“Tweetsie”) linked Cranberry with Johnson City, Tennessee in 1882, and after that, it was extended on to Montezuma in 1904. Similarly, by the end of 1919, It had reached Boone.

However, a road was established in 1950 to Cranberry. At the time of writing this article, numerous operations and amenities were opened up in this town including a church, a combined elementary and middle school, a garage, a nursing facility as well a store that remains in operation, and the historic old Cranberry High School.

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Cranberry named Locations in United States

Cranberry Township, Ohio.

This Cranberry Township in Ohio is the fourth town from all the Different Cranberry towns. It is sixteen townships of Crawford County, Ohio, United States. According to the 2020 census, the population of the town is only 1,477 people. It is the smallest town with a density of 52/sq mi (20/km2).

The area of this town is estimated at 28.18 sq mi (72.98 km2) in which the land area is 28.17 sq mi (72.95 km2) and the water part is 0.01 sq mi (0.03 km2). However, this smallest town is controlled by a three-member board of trustees, who are elected in November of odd-numbered years to a four-year term beginning on the following January 1.

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Therefore, it was founded in the 1820s. Cranberry marsh in the southwestern part is the predominant reason for naming this town with the name of Cranberry. It is located in the northeastern part of the country. Some townships including Richmond Township, Huron County – northeast, Auburn Township – east, Vernon Township – southeast corner, and Sandusky Township – south are near the border of it.


To sum up, everything that I have experienced so far while writing this article for you, these above-mentioned townships which share the similar name Cranberry is the testament denoting the diversity and richness of American geography. each destination has its unique history, shape, history, and last community.

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