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How Long Does It Take To Write a Dissertation?

Writing a thesis is a long and challenging process. It requires a lot of work, time, and dedication. But there are some basic steps and things that you can do to help you get going in the right direction. With proper planning and organization, you can write it in less time than you think.

How To Plan Your Time for a Dissertation Project

While it’s true that writing is a time-consuming endeavor, various factors may affect the time it takes to complete your thesis. Planning a dissertation involves allocating time for steps such as researching, writing, and addressing your committee’s concerns. It is essential to plan for every stage of the process – from choosing the topic to defending the project.

Below are dissertation writing tips to help you plan your time.

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Timing Issues

Timing can affect how long it takes to complete your project. For instance, some universities have strict guidelines regarding when committee members must review students’ drafts. Others allow much more flexibility in this regard.

You might have three committee members, and where professor takes a week to review your document. So, you should consider the committee response times when planning the writing process. You must also factor in any other considerations that may affect your timeline.

Addressing Comments

Once the committee returns your paper, they will likely have suggestions or requests for revisions. In most cases, these can be dealt with relatively easily and quickly.

However, if the committee requires several revisions, the time needed for this step could increase significantly. It’s always best to give yourself sufficient time to address comments before submitting to avoid revising the same thing several times.


You, the writer, are an essential part of the process. When do you write a dissertation? You need to ensure you have enough time to complete it. This can be difficult when you have other engagements and obligations in life.

Some people are easily distracted by these things and don’t stay focused on their writing process. It is also possible that they may have a job or family they need to take care of, which can also get in the way of their writing time.

Thus, the time it takes to write your thesis depends on how dedicated you are during this process and what distractions might be present in your life at any given point during that timeline.


Your committee significantly impacts how long it takes to complete your dissertation. If you're lucky, your committee will be supportive of your work and willing to help you along the way. But if they aren't, it may take years longer than necessary for you to finish writing the thesis.

The key is finding people who are most comfortable with one another and don't mind working together on your project. Find a chair willing to work with others and knows how things get done in their field. Also, strive to understand the committee’s submission preferences to make the process seamless.

Timeline to Write A Dissertation Stage-By-Stage

When you’re working on your project, it can feel like there are endless tasks ahead of you. But with a timeline, you can stay on track and ensure you finish your dissertation on time.


The prospectus is a formal document that lays the groundwork for your dissertation by outlining what you will do throughout the process. It outlines the matter you have chosen to study and how it is beneficial.

The prospectus can be time-consuming, taking up to 3-6 months. The prospectus is the starting point for most individuals to practice academic language and voice.

And if you are not specific in outlining your topic and research process, then there's a chance that your committee will ask for numerous revisions before approving it.

Proposal (Chapters 1-3)

You must submit a proposal to the evaluating committee for approval before proceeding with your dissertation. Chapter 1 usually expounds on the prospectus and digs deeper to outline the research question and methodology.

Chapter 2 explores the literature review, which can take about four months. Some individuals like working on the literature review before working on other chapters.

Chapter 3 requires the student to explain the research methodology. This chapter can be arduous and, if not done correctly, can lead to many revision requests by your committee. So, discuss your methodology clearly and work closely with your committee chair to get dissertation advice.

IRB Approval

It's important to note that many schools require Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for research projects. The IRB seeks to protect the rights and safety of the human participants you intend to involve in your study.

So, you need to submit your IRB form before beginning data collection. It’s advisable to start filling out this form while your committee reviews your Proposal. And if all goes well, expect it to take approximately two months for IRB approval.

Collecting Data

Data collection is an integral part of the writing process. It can take up to three months or longer, depending on the research design, methodologies used, and the number of interviews you conduct.

It can take one week to collect all the required information for your study can take one week if you rely on secondary data. However, if interviewing individuals is part of your research design, it can be time-consuming.

Chapters 4 and 5

These final chapters are pretty easy to tackle. By now, you have completed the proposal and research. You'll use chapter 4 to report your research findings and chapter 5 to explain those results. You also can check the dissertation examples PDF online to get an idea of completing these chapters.

You can complete these two chapters in about two months. That means ensuring you have enough time to write each chapter and keep track of your progress as you go along.

Defense and Completion

Now that you have finished writing, you must take some time to prepare for the defense and completion process. During the defense session, the committee will evaluate your presentation and ask questions about any unclear parts.

You should prepare adequately for this meeting, but don’t worry too much. Preparation for the defense can take about two months. Plus, you can use this time to ensure you tick all the university requirements.

Summary: How Long Does it Take to Complete a Dissertation?

So How long it takes to write a thesis depends on what kind of topic you have chosen for your dissertation, how many pages, and how much time you can give over to the process.

A dissertation plan is key to writing your dissertation on time. You must plan what steps you will take along the way and allocate time for them. So how long does a dissertation take? If all goes well, you can complete it within one and a half years.

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