How I Got Revenge on My Ex: 20 Solid and Effed up Ways!


Saloni Singh

Breaking up ordinarily brings about an entire blast of emotions, especially if the separation was particularly revolting – and you presumably need to pursue retribution on your ex. That includes breaking up with someone whom you found cheating or someone who has abused you.

You might need to cry, become inebriated, shout, toss stuff through the window, etc. Yet, one of the first things you’d likely be itching to do is dish out some inhumane revenge!

Presently, a great many people will let you know that the best revenge that you might possibly serve your ex is transforming into a superior person while moving on from the toxic relationship.

This includes working out, learning new things, being a financial intellectual, and that multitude of other wonderful things your ex would wish you were.

Yet, for the people who are more impulsive or have no skill for personal growth, there are still some revenge tactics you can go to get back at your ex.

Presently, obviously, we’ll cover the entirety of the stupid ways and the most ideal ways to seek retribution on your ex. On the whole, we should spend a minute on the more profound question – For what reason would you like to pursue retribution on your ex in the first place?

how i got revenge on my ex

For What Reason Would You Like To Seek Retribution on Your Ex?

Before we discuss how you can pursue retribution, it’s important to have you think about why you believe should do this. Indeed, we realize that you are irate about something they did. That is obvious.

Yet, here are a few things you really want to think about before you go insane and get insane on them.

1. How Did They Respond?

First, you want to think about what they did. Did they really accomplish something wrong? Or on the other hand would you say you are simply furious that they said a final farewell to you?

If they did something wrong, then they presumably cheated, lied, or deceived you in another way. Furthermore, if that is the situation, then, at that point, it’s reasonable why you feel like you need to seek retribution. The feelings of outrage can be exceptionally intense when someone did you wrong.

However, perhaps they didn’t really do anything wrong – or even that awful. Perhaps they simply thought the relationship had run its course, so they parted ways with you.

You might be miserable and furious, yet they have each right to part ways with you. Is it really worth getting revenge on your ex if they didn’t really do anything wrong?

how i got revenge on my ex

2. Were Your Expectations Excessively High?

We as a whole have expectations of how our accomplices ought to behave. However, seldom do they act the manner in which we need them to. Thus, when our accomplices don’t do what we maintain that they should do, then we fly off the handle and upset. Be that as it may, are your emotions justified?

Perhaps they are, however perhaps they aren’t. Do you think you were being unreasonable with your expectations? For example, would you like to seek retribution on your ex because they have friends of the opposite sex and you were desirous?

3. Was It Intentional?

Along these lines, perhaps they did something genuinely horrendous. Maybe they contacted an ex on social media, and you looked into it. What were they referring to with their ex? It might have recently been a friendly find someone they once knew.

Perhaps they didn’t intend to hurt you because they didn’t think they were doing anything wrong. Furthermore, once they figured out you were irate, perhaps they apologized yet you wouldn’t forgive them.

If they did something wrong to you intentionally, it’s not surprising you feel vindictive. Yet, if they really didn’t intend to hurt you, perhaps you should reevaluate your system of getting back at them.

how i got revenge on my ex

4. How Will Getting Revenge Help You?

After you figure out how you need to pursue retribution on your ex, you really have to figure out what you maintain that your ultimate objective should be. Certainly, you need to hurt them as they hurt you. That is obvious. In any case, will you feel improved when you seek retribution?

Will hurting someone else help you have an improved outlook on yourself? Certainly, it will feel significantly better right now to get back at them. In any case, in the long run, will you have any second thoughts? Imagine a scenario in which you accomplish something illegal and get found out. Will it have been worth it?

My All-Inclusive Strategy Is Inexactly Founded on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Requirements.

Getting revenge on your ex is no cakewalk. It takes grit, persistence, discipline, and obviously, a mind tormented with malice. Furthermore, to ruin their life… indeed, to do that, you should be on an entirely new degree of nefarious.

That being said, don’t perspire it. Uncle Frantic Max has you covered. I’ve gone ahead and made a game arrangement for you, so you don’t have to think about how to seek retribution on your ex. Simply follow the means I outline underneath, and you’ll be well on your way.

What’s more, if you set your attention to it and are proficient in covering your tracks, you might actually try and ruin their life. Furthermore, why not put forth grand objectives?

How Not To Pursue Retribution On Your Ex

While planning and researching for this sick arrangement for north of 30 years at this point (give or take a couple), I ran over a lot of different techniques for getting revenge on an ex that I consider ineffective and stupid. To top it all off, they suck all the pain and disdain out of you and make the ways for feeling content — a powerless group’s emotion.

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