Here’s How Drake Ended Up on Camila Cabello’s New Album: How Did It Happen?


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Camila Cabello’s new album, “C,XOXO,” came out on June 28. It features a song called “Hot Uptown” with Drake, a well-known hip-hop artist. Another track on the album, “Uuugly,” is also by Drake alone. In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Cabello talked about working with Drake. They started collaborating after exchanging direct messages on social media.

Cabello said she and Drake connected over their love for music and lyrics. She mentioned that Drake had been following her since her hit song “Havana” in 2018. After she showed Drake her album, they worked together on “Hot Uptown.” It’s a duet where both artists shaped the song together. Drake not only sang but also added a unique ending, including the memorable “UUUgly” part.

Fans are excited about their collaboration, which shows Cabello’s versatility and Drake’s openness to trying new musical styles. Their work together on “C,XOXO” proves how collaborating can create powerful music experiences.

Did Drake End Up on Camila Cabello’s New Album?

On Friday, June 28, Camila Cabello released her fourth studio album titled “C,XOXO.” This album includes several notable collaborations, such as a song called “Hot Uptown” with Drake and another track featuring Drake alone titled “Uuugly.”

In a new interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Camila Cabello shared her experience of collaborating with Drake. She explained that it all began with direct messages on social media. Cabello mentioned that she feels a strong musical connection with Drake, noting that they share similar tastes in music and lyrics. She even sent him a message, expressing how much she had been inspired by his work for her new album, especially his wordplay and lyrical style.

Drake had been following Cabello since she released “Havana” in 2018. After she reached out, she played her album for him, and he liked it. She then sent him the idea for the song “Hot Uptown” and wrote her part of the track. They worked together to shape it into a duet, with Drake reworking his parts and adding an outro, which included the “UUUgly” section. Cabello expressed her excitement about the collaboration and the creative process they shared. You can also read Barry Keoghan, Sabrina Carpenter’s boyfriend, appears in the music video for Please Please Please;Billie Eilish Reveals the Music Video for Chihiro, and Sabrina Carpenter Recalls Her Musical Guest Debut on Saturday Night Live

Here’s How Drake Ended Up on Camila Cabello’s New Album

How Did It Begin?

In a recent and detailed interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, pop sensation Camila Cabello, who is widely celebrated for her musical talent and known particularly for her hit single “Havana” which significantly boosted her solo career back in 2018, shared insights about an exciting and highly anticipated collaboration with the hip-hop superstar Drake on her upcoming fourth studio album titled “C,XOXO.”

This partnership, which has already captured considerable attention from fans and the media alike, originated through a series of direct messages exchanged on social media platforms. This scenario vividly illustrates how modern technology, especially social media, has the remarkable ability to connect artists from various musical genres, enabling them to create unique and innovative works together.

During the interview, Cabello elaborated on how Drake had been following her career since around the time she released “Havana.” She described their musical synergy as feeling almost inevitable, indicating a natural alignment in their artistic visions. Cabello expressed her thoughts by saying, “I feel like we’re musically aligned in a lot of ways.” She continued to explain that they share a lot of the same tastes in music, both in terms of melody and lyrical content. To initiate their collaboration, Cabello took the proactive step of sliding into Drake’s direct messages.

She candidly conveyed her admiration for his work by saying, “I’ve been listening to you so much for this album,” noting how much she appreciated his wordplay and expressing her aspirations to achieve similar lyrical prowess. This initial communication set the stage for their collaborative efforts, ultimately leading to the creation of new music that blends their distinct styles. Also read Mesh-dressed Katy Perry performs a peek-a-boo at the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards , and Amazon Music Review 2023.

Here’s How Drake Ended Up on Camila Cabello’s New Album

Collaborative Spark: How Camila Cabello and Drake Crafted ‘Hot Uptown’ Together?

This honest message from Cabello sparked a creative conversation between the two musicians. After Drake listened to her album, he was instantly interested. Cabello explained how she sent Drake the concept for the song “Hot Uptown.” She wrote her section and sent it back to him, starting a collaborative process where both artists worked together to shape the song into a duet. Drake not only added his voice but also adjusted his parts to include a notable ending, which includes the catchy “UUUgly” part.

What Did They Say?

Camila Cabello described their collaboration as a seamless merging of their unique musical styles, resulting in a song that highlights their deep respect and admiration for each other’s artistry. Reflecting on the creative process, she reminisced how Drake contributed the “UUUgly” outro, emphasizing the collaborative synergy that defined their work.

Drake’s involvement in “C,XOXO” has generated considerable excitement surrounding Cabello’s upcoming album release on Friday, June 28. Fans eagerly anticipate how their combined talents will resonate throughout the album. This collaboration not only showcases Cabello’s versatility and her eagerness to explore diverse musical realms but also underscores Drake’s willingness to transcend genre boundaries, pushing the boundaries of music innovation.

As the music community eagerly anticipates the debut of “C,XOXO,” this collaboration serves as a testament to the profound impact of artistic connections and the boundless possibilities that emerge when two creative powerhouses unite. With standout tracks like “Hot Uptown” featuring Drake, Camila Cabello’s new album is poised to leave a lasting impression on the charts and in the hearts of fans worldwide.

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