How Does Kaia Gerber Feel For Being Constantly Compared To Her Mom, Cindy Crawford



How Does Kaia Gerber Feel For Being Constantly Compared To Her Mom, Cindy Crawford?

Though there are a lot of reasons why people admire the ’90s era, one of them is the models and their Legendary walks that have remained a hazard in the minds of the people. Nowadays the videos of these models including Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer are gaining popularity and today’s generation can’t keep their eyes off them.

But the reflection of these models can be easily seen in the presence of their daughters. Cindy Crawford, one of the top models of the 90s has actively worked with her daughter Kaia Gerber. Kaia, who is also building her family legacy by keeping herself in the fashion industry, has remained respectful towards her job.

Both the mother and daughter duo have remained a famous topic among the people to discuss and their success is already known. With so many things to talk about, a large number of people compare the two, how do they feel about the comparison?

Kaia Gerber And Her Rise to Fame in the Fashion World!

We can’t deny the fact that the kids of these models have been given major privileges in the fashion world. Models like Yolanda Hadid, whose daughters Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid have seen immense success in the modeling world, majorly because of her mother’s star power.

Kaia Gerber who is now 22 years old, has an incredible personality and beautiful face which can get anyone’s attention. The fashion model has remained grateful for her mother, Cindy Crawford, who has guided her throughout the fashion journey.

She has seen immense success after being a runway model on luxurious fashion walk shows including Victoria’s Secret Model, Chanel, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren.

Not only this but the model has been on the covers of some of the popular magazines and even gave a bold photoshoot for Playboy Magazine.

Talking about her daughter’s modeling career, her mother, Crawford said, “It was a good thing that she couldn’t work on the runway until she was 16. There are laws about that. After that, I couldn’t hold her back,”

She further added, “You hope that all of the advice and guidance and role modeling that you did sticks. That’s the stage of parenting when you think, ‘OK, hope you can fly!’”

People Compared Kaia with her Mom, Does it Affect Her?

How Does Kaia Gerber Feel For Being Constantly Compared To Her Mom, Cindy Crawford

Undoubtedly, Kaia and Cindy have remained one of the most powerful duos in Hollywood, and it is not only because of their legacies but also because of their personality and physical resemblance.

They look more like a sister duo than a mother-daughter duo and it can easily be mistaken by anyone who has seen them. Cindy Crawford, Who is one of the popular models of the 90s era, has made herself so healthy that she doesn’t even look like a mother to her daughter.

Talking about this resemblance and how people take it, Kaia said “From day one, people in the industry were often taken aback by my resemblance to my mom,” Gerber shared in her 2019 essay for Vogue. “As I get older, it happens even more, and it’s not just a visual thing: It’s everything from our mannerisms to our voices. It used to be that I didn’t see it at all, but now I will look at a picture and have to take a moment before realizing which one of us it is.”

But how does she feel about the constant comparison with her mom? The young model shared her thoughts on this in Vogue by saying, “At first, I think any child being compared to their parents is a bit iffy,”.

“But if I had to be compared to anyone in the whole world, it is the biggest compliment [to be compared to Crawford], especially when people tell me that I act like her. That, to me, is the biggest compliment to receive because she carries herself with the most poise, kindness, and grace.”