How Does a Two-Team Parlay Work for NFL Betting?


Mohit Kamboj

Betting on NFL games remains a hugely popular past-time, but what if you want to make it even more exciting?

Parlay bets give you a chance to increase the returns you could win, so how do they work?

What Is a Parlay Bet?

NFL parlay betting is where you choose at least two wagers on a single bet slip. To win the bet, you need all of your selections to win. If just one of them wins, your bet loses and you get nothing back. However, the more picks you add the bigger any payout would be if you get them all right.

Online sportsbooks make it easy, as you can simply add different bets to your slip by clicking on each one. You’ll then see how the odds increase and the possible return grows with each selection you add.

If you try to add any wagers that can’t go together on a parlay, you’ll automatically be advised of this, so there’s no risk of placing an invalid parlay.

Type of Parlay Bets

You can place parlay bets on many different football markets. For instance, the simplest is a moneyline parlay, where you predict the outright winners of two or more upcoming NFL games. If you feel confident that you know what will happen in each game, you can increase the amount you would win.

Bear in mind that the moneyline odds are often fairly modest for the team that’s the favorite to win. This is why a lot of bettors decide that adding one or more extra selections to their bet slip makes sense.

Another option involves point spread parlay. This is where you choose how many points you think each team will win. It’s a more difficult wager to get right, which means that the odds are better for you and you can win more money.

Under/over parlays give you another way of placing these wages. This is where you need to decide whether the final points total will be over or under a certain figure. Again, this is difficult to predict, which makes it an interesting type of wager and potentially rewarding.

It’s worth noting that you can combine different types of bets, including those we’ve looked at here. So, you might decide to go for a moneyline bet on a game where you aren’t confident of wagering on anything else.

However, you might feel comfortable adding one of the alternative bets on a game where you think you know what will happen in more detail. In some cases, you can add bets on the performances of individual players too., such as scoring points or being awarded the most valuable player title.

You might also make some correlated parlays. For instance, you might want to bet on a team winning a game and also doing so by a certain number of points. This makes sense if you feel really confident about a certain game.

Why Place a Two-Team Parlay Bet?

For many bettors, the idea of parlay bets is perfect for adding extra interest when they watch the games. For others, it’s a way to try and win more money. You might also see this as a way to put your overall knowledge of the NFL to the test.

However, once you add three or more teams to a parlay, it becomes extremely difficult to win. All it takes to ruin your wager is a single upset, such as the underdog having an inspired game or some crucial moments going against the team you backed.

On the other hand, a two-team parlay gives you the excitement of adding multiple wagers, but without increasing the difficulty level by as much. This means that it’s a good option if you’re just getting started or want to keep it to an acceptable level of risk.

How to Get Started?

Finding an NFL parlay isn’t all that difficult. The first step is to look for an online sportsbook where you see a good selection of football bets available. Choose a reputable site where you can use your preferred banking method to add funds and then withdraw any winnings.

Next, you need to look for games you’re interested in wagering on. The process is simple, as you just need to click on any bet you might be interested in making. There’s no problem in adding a wager to your bet slip and then removing it later if you decide not to go ahead.

Add in the amount of the wager in each case and you’ll see how the potential return varies. This means that you should take a moment to try a few different figures and see what suits you best. Once you’ve got a parlay that you like the look of, it’s a question of confirming the parlay and then waiting to see if you managed to get it right.