How Did Mr. Krabs Die? Who Killed Mr. Krabs In Real Life?



SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the most prominent Cartoon shows that is ever released. Though the series was already popular among the children, it was largely famous among the youths. There were no age restrictions bars on this cartoon show and the humor and funny content make it very likable for the adult also. The series has been running on Nickelodeon for quite a while now and while most people ahs already watched the finale of the show, there are still many people who just watch the show for the climax. 

One of the major highlights of the Cartoon series is its remarkable character who has entertained us throughout our childhood. SpongeBob SquarePants has been on Television for over two decades and the fans already know every single thing about the show. 

Despite all these things, the recently occurred news makes the fan confused and furious about the show. After reading about Mr. Krabs, the fans were horrified and wanted to know if the running rumor is reality or not. Recently,  the subject again after Twitter users encouraged others to look up Mr. Krabs’ mysterious death on the internet.

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The Trial of SpongeBob SquarePants: Explained

How Did Mr. Krabs Die?

The fans find out about the brutality of Mr. Krabs through the online viral document called, “The Trail of SpongeBob SquarePants”. After going through the documents, the fans find out how the show ends Mr. Krab’s life. 

Along with this, the documents run more evidence that covers that the death was brutal and are been filled with a lot of evidence and testimony which marks the series of events more exciting for the fans. Many people called the series of events interesting since they were filled with thrillers however, some people find it disturbing since they feel connected with the show. That’s the reason why there is a lot of discussion surrounding the show. 

On the other hand, there is another documentary series that covers the same incidence but displayed different stories and these things were already portrayed in the animation show. But the majority of people have found “Court Papers” that accused SpongeBob of killing Mr. Krabs.

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How did Mr. Krabs Die?

How Did Mr. Krabs Die? Mr. Krabs is the fictional character of Nickelodeon’s popular series SpongeBob SquarePants. The show follows around the underwater life of the sea animals that lives like an actual town. The functional story already get a lot of hype once it was released. 

Mr. Krabs was the money-minded boss of SpongeBob. We already know that he was found dead and the reason behind it was stated about the metal spatula. Mr. Krabs has a cut around his neck and it seems that the cut has infected him over time. 

In the document, there was a series of evidence found which urge fans to think about his real murderer of him. The documents covered that it was SpongeBob who hit Mr. Krabs with the Spatula. 

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How do Fans react to this News?

How Did Mr. Krabs Die?

After finding out about this, the internet was furious about Mr. Krabs. The fans started to tweet and put their beliefs about the character and the show. 

On the other hand, there have been funny tweets by the fans that talk about how the character was super annoying for them and how he makes SpongeBob work hard at the minimum wage. Here are some tweets that you should defiantly check out.

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