How Did Everett Quinton Die? What Was the Cause of Death of Actor and Director?


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Actor and director Everett Quinton died at the age of 71. Let’s see what were the cause of his death and many more details that we know so far. Keep scrolling down and read out this entire article to know more.

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Who Was Everett Quinton?

Everett was the founder and artistic director of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company and was seen in several productions there.

Some of his more recent acting appearances included The Witch of Edmonton at Red Bull Theatre, Devil Boys from Beyond at New World Stages, The Marry Wives of Windsor at the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, and The McCarter Theatre’s A Christmas Carol.

He was also a member of Cleveland State University’s Summer Stages where he has seen Madam Rosepettle in O Dad, Poor Dad, Mama’s Hung You in Closet and I’m Feeling So Sad. Previously, Everett appeared at Red Bull Theatre in Women Beware Women.

Everett Quinton

He was an award-winning actor as well as a director. Quinton was also honored with the Actor’s Equity Callaway.

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What Happened to Everett Quinton?

Everett Quinton was an actor, director as well as ridiculous theatrical torchbearer who died at the age of 71. Rick Sheinmel posted a message on social media after the demise of Everett Quinton and he wrote that –

Genius – Clown – Director – Playwright – Lover of all things fabulous – Generous – Diva – Angel – Comic Legend

One of my favorite memories of Everett is him teaching me HOW to do a spit take, in all the various iterations! There’s the classic; there is the one where you hold your finger up as if to try to stop spitting BUT instead make a fine mist (my favorite) but he loved the one where you TRY to spit back into the glass BUT miss! So lucky to have shared a stage (and a tiny dressing room), said his words on stage, and to have been loved by him. There was nothing like it.


What Was the Cause of the Death of Everett Quinton?

Everett Quinton died at the age of 71 and presently the cause of death is unknown. As soon as the news came out, family and friends expressed their condolences to Everett Quinton’s family through Twitter.

As of now, it is unclear precisely what led to his death along with confirmation of his death, and the exact cause of death of Everett was not released.

Everett Quinton

Therefore, to get to know more about Everett’s death we are trying to get in touch with his friends and family. So we will surely update this section of our article as soon as we get any kind of details regarding the cause of death of Everett Quinton.

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What Was Condolence Post by Several People?

William Berger Posted on Social Media that –

I join with several communities in New York (theater, faith, recovery, activist, and – above all – the utterly FABULOUS) in noting with heavy feelings the passing of the great Everett Quinton (seen here at a small, frigid, but feisty protest at the Ugandan Mission to the UN in 2010… in red high heels, incidentally). He was a legend on the stage and in the streets, and a mensch everywhere. There never were many like him, and there never will be another again. He should rest in peace.

Joe Brancato Posted that –

A sad day for the theatre world. Everett Quinton has taken flight. I wrote ( under the pseudonym Erasmus Fenn) DROP DEAD PERFECT for him, hoping that he’d agree to do it. He agreed the spectacular journey began. He brought all the brilliance, inventiveness, and abandonment of the Ridiculous

Theatre Company to every rehearsal and performance. We premiered at Penguin Rep and followed it with two runs off Bdway ( three years in total) selling out houses and garnering raves. The acting company and creative team were brilliant but it was Everett who lit the way. Love and convulsive laughter filled the rehearsal hall each day. My collaboration with this kind gentleman with his outrageous wit will remain a high point of my theatre journey.

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