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How Casinos are Increasing Cyber Security to Safeguard Customer Data?

A wave of cyber security threats has engulfed the casino industry in recent years. As the technology and ways to keep customers safe from cyber-attacks are evolving, so are the ways in which hackers attempt to steal important information.

This is why one of the most important things to do, where cyber security is concerned, is to keep all systems up-to-date and ensure you recognise how the attackers might act.

Casinos take various measures to protect themselves and their customers from data hacking. In this article, we will outline these protective measures and also discuss potential tactics that cyber attackers may use to deceive individuals. This information is brought to you by casinoalpha, a reputable online casino comparison service.

Important Cyber Security Measures

Cyber security is essential for anyone browsing the Internet, but even more important for online casino operators since they store precious information like financial transactions and personal data. Fallen into the wrong hands, this type of information can cause financial loss for the casino and its customers.

In addition, cyber security is essential for maintaining the current user base of your online casino happy. Cyber security breaches often mean a loss in the endless number of users as each player prioritises their funds and personal data. A lack of trust is also likely to develop.

Aside from the reasons above, online casinos are also required to comply with the GDPR within the European Union.

SSL encryption

Simply put, SSL encryption means Secure Sockets Layer encryption. It is an internet security protocol that provides integrity to internet communications. To establish such a connection, the client and the server exchange encryption keys that make the conversation appear as random symbols for devices without encryption keys.

One way to tell if a website uses this type of encryption is to search for the “https” prefix within the URL. Similarly, you might want to look for the lock icon, often placed before the URL in the address bar.

Websites using SSL encryption will generally display security certificates issued by a trusted authority.

Enabling Two-Step Authentication

Casinos that enable two-step authentication have a greater success rate in protecting their customers. Multi-factor authentication is one of the best ways to use login services on any website.

This type of authentication requires the user to provide multiple pieces of information that serve as evidence for the security system. Aside from proving your identity, you successfully make it harder for cyber attackers to steal your personal information.

Web Application Firewalls

Web application firewalls monitor and can block data packets that travel to and from a website or a web application. This type of firewall closely analyses each data packet and measures the traffic to inform you of any potential threat or traffic that can prove harmful.

These firewalls are essential, as potential threats can be hidden much better than ten years ago.

This type of technology is quite common among businesses that want to shield themselves and their customers from malware attacks, phishing, impersonation, and more.

WAFs are beneficial for businesses that work in e-commerce or provide Internet services like online casinos.

PCI Compliances

PCI compliances are also known as Payment card industry compliances. They refer to technical and operational standards a business has to follow. These standards protect all credit card data you, as a client, provide.

To ensure these standards are of a certain quality, the PCI Security Standards Council is the main responsible body that enforces standard and undisputed measures. At the same time, PCI compliances are also demanded by credit card companies.

Unfortunately, you can only verify a website’s PCI compliance by verifying its AOC (Attestation of Compliance). You must require it from the business you are engaging with to see it.

Suppose a business refuses to provide the AOC or presents you with a different document. In that case, it is most likely uncertified and must be avoided.

Recognising Cyber Attacks

Amid so many opportunities, the Internet also includes multiple scams aiming to steal information or money from unsuspecting victims. Some of the most practised are as follows:

  • Phishing is a form of fraud that implies the attacker will impersonate reputable persons, businesses, or organisations with the purpose of finding out personal information or baking data from the victim.
  • Pharming is similar to phishing. This term is used for situations where unsuspecting targets are redirected to bootleg websites that imitate the appearance of legitimate entities to obtain personal information or bank account data.
  • Malware attacks are generally cyber attacks in which malicious software executes unaccredited actions on the victim’s devices.

Online Casino Security

Always ensure the website offers you at least two-factor authentication when signing up on an online gambling platform. In addition, look for any certification from web security companies or security badges at the bottom of the website.

A good example is the eCOGRA Safe and Fair seal, which announces to anyone interested that the respective virtual wagering pages only offer fair services.

Checking the privacy policy is an excellent indicator of a website’s good practices. Suppose there are no clear indications of how an online casino uses and protects your data from disclosure. In that case, you are most likely on a website that doesn’t respect the industry’s security standards.


Cyber security is a critical practice that should be as usual as the daily face-moisturizing rituals. In this day and age, having a secure and healthy device matters more than you might think.

Whenever you decide that a website is worthy of your time and money, just make sure that the website has SSL encryption, has at least two-factor authentication enabled, complies with PCI standards, and includes firewalls.

Following the advice presented in this article and correctly identifying internet scams is the key to a productive and uneventful Internet session!

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