How can I make my Wi-Fi Signal Stronger?


David Mudd

One of the gravest situations for anyone while working online is slow internet speed. Wi-Fi signals can be very tricky at times, at one moment you get the right kind of speed, and at the other moment, your Wi-Fi signals are lost. No matter how irritating it may seem, you cannot deny the factor that you will face issues with your Wi-Fi due to various reasons.

Most users prefer to report the issues whenever there is a problem with their Wi-Fi signals, for instance, if you are a Charter customer, you can report your issue to Charter customer service, and they will guide you throughout the process. The process of reporting is the same for any internet service provider, you always have to reach out to the customer service department.

Let us be honest to you, then you are free to make your complaint to the customer Service Department it can take some time and, you might have to wait for or a few hours until your issue is resolved but there is another way out. If you follow a few steps rigorously then your mind not even face issues due to the Wi-Fi signal. Often at times, users are not aware of the factors that affect the performance of their Wi-Fi due to which they face signal issues. We are listing a few simple steps that you can take to make sure that you are signals are strong.

Distance of your Wi-Fi router

Many technical factors affect the speed of your Wi-Fi signals. One of the major reasons behind weak signals is the distance from your Wi-Fi router. You should make sure that your Wi-Fi router is placed somewhere in the middle of your house where you will be using your internet because, if the distance is way too long from where your Wi-fi is placed, you will face signal issues. You can also move closer to your Wi-Fi router if you face issues with your Wi-Fi signals, and you will notice that the bar of your Wi-Fi signal will increase.

Barriers in the pathway

You will be surprised to know that your Wi-Fi signals are affected by physical obstructions to a point that they can even stop working. For instance, if you have placed your Wi-Fi router behind a wall or a rack, your internet signals will be affected because they will get obstructed by the wall or the rack. You must place your Wi-Fi router in a clear space where there are no physical barriers that can affect the speed of Wi-Fi signals. Your Wi-Fi frequency does not penetrate properly if the pathway is not clear.

Interference in the channel

Most of the users use a Broadband Internet connection, and the Wi-Fi signals are affected due to the interference of many people who may use the same channel for Wi-Fi signals. You receive your Wi-Fi signal frequency through a channel that is chosen by your Wi-Fi router. If you have the latest Wi-Fi router then it will automatically choose a channel that is less populated by other users but if you have an old Wi-Fi router then you will have to change your channel yourself. You can simply log on to your PC and click on the WAN settings, you will be able to see a list of wireless networks that are in your vicinity through which you can choose your channel, you can try and change your channel, to see if your Wi-Fi starts working fine or not.

The capacity of your router

Just like the latest version model of a laptop will work faster than the older one, the same is the case with your Wi-Fi router. Sometimes your router is not capable to provide you the highest internet speed signals or it does not support high internet speed. If you want to make the best out of your Wi-Fi speed for which you have signed up, with your internet service provider, you should get a router of the latest model that will be compatible with your internet and you will be able to get stronger Wi-Fi signal.

Buy yourself a Wi-Fi extender

Just like the name suggests, the role of a Wi-Fi extender is to provide signals evenly all-around your home. If you want stronger Wi-Fi signals and you want them to be distributed evenly, you can buy a Wi-Fi extender that will provide you stronger Wi-Fi signals and you will not be required to buy a new router or change the position of your router, because a Wi-Fi extender will do the job, in a much better way. You can easily buy a Wi-Fi extender from Amazon online.

Limit the number of devices

The number of devices such as your computer, laptops, mobile phones, tablet, iPad, or smart TVs, should be compatible with your internet speed. If you have connected more devices and your internet speed is not enough to support them, then you will face issues with your Wi-Fi signals. Reduce the number of devices that are connected at the same time with your Wi-Fi Internet and you will notice that you will start getting stronger Wi-Fi signals.

Wrapping up,

If you give attention to the detail, and you are aware of the factors that can affect the strength of your Wi-Fi signal then you can counter them by following the simple steps that we have mentioned.