How Call of Duty Could Boost Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions? Check Out the Demand for Call of Duty!



In this realm world of gaming, is significant shift in recent years can be seen regarding subscription-based services which are highly demanding and popular among masses around every corner of the world. I am pretty much sure about the fact that you all are aware that Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service that offers a vast library of games for a monthly fee, has been at the forefront of this revolution.

Numerous gamers as well as players have enjoyed a wide variety of titles including from indie gems to AAA blockbusters. Every time, they all are going through a question by many Xbox Game Pass subscribers When could Call of Duty come to Xbox Game Pass? Our platform must clear your all doubts regarding every news that is buzzing on various social media platforms. So, Let’s dive into this article and find out!

Is Call of Duty Coming to the Xbox Game Pass?

 Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions

We can not expect Modern Warfare 3 to be added to the subscription plans of Xbox Game Pass. On the other hand, We can expect the Call of Duty to arrive on Xbox Game Pass at some point. You all are aware of the news that Microsoft is now acquired by Activision Blizzard (as of October 2023).

In the view of fact that, no one can do anything to stop the coming of Call of Duty on Xbox Game Pass. However, numerous agreements are already signed with others such as Sony that play a significant role in preventing Call of Duty from being added until 2024 at the earliest.

When Will Call of Duty Come to Xbox Game Pass?

This was first confirmed by Activision Blizzard (via X, formerly Twitter), with the company stating: “While we do not have plans to put Modern Warfare III or Diablo IV into Game Pass this year, once the deal closes, we expect to start working with Xbox to bring our titles to more players around the world”.

 Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions

“And we anticipate that we would begin adding games into Game Pass sometime in next year,” the company added. Moving forward at some updates that were confirmed by  Xbox chief Phil Spencer on 17th October 2023 as part of the Official Xbox Podcast.

He provided an update by stating that at that time fans would not expect a similar drop of games from Activision as the platform did with Bethesda. Spencer explains “Now that the deal is closed, we’re starting that work,” in response to Activision Blizzard titles coming to Xbox Game Pass.


To sum up, each and everything that I have experienced so far while writing this article for you regarding the arrival of Call of Duty on the Xbox Game Pass, The addition of Call of Duty on the Xbox Game Pass is a significant development for services as well as gaming industries for both. It is expected only but we have to wait for the official announcements to strive.

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