How Are Cryptocurrencies Governed in Different Parts of the World?



In this ever-evolving landscape of obsession among the masses to invest their money in digital assets like cryptocurrency in the hope of a lucrative amount of profits, cryptocurrency has become one of the global interesting phenomena that reshaped the traditional landscape.

However, there is a need for regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrency because of a significant surge at an alarming rate which touches the sky in the popularity of different types of various cryptocurrencies. Through this exploration, I have delved into the diverse approaches nations take toward this innovative financial technology.

What is the Status of Cryptocurrency Regulations in the United States?

There is an official announcement passed in 2022 regarding the new framework of cryptocurrencies that opened many more opportunities and opened the doors to further regulations as compared to before terms and conditions.

Global Crypto regulation

According to the new regulations, the directive has handed the power to existing market regulations including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Do not miss out on leading Ways to Make Money with Cryptocurrency Using an Android Phone

The main aim of the SEC for taking rules and regulations to regulate the industry is to maintain a high-profile lawsuit against Ripple because there are over $1.3 billion in unregistered securities transactions by selling its native token, XRP.

How Has China Approached the Regulation of Cryptocurrencies?

However, as you all are aware of the fact that, cryptocurrency is illegal in some countries one of them is China. Turning to all the details, The People’s Bank Of China has banned the trading as well as exchanging of cryptocurrency from operating in the whole country.

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In May 2021, China had already banned cryptocurrency mining. They put the notice for everyone that, for those who are indulging in the activity, close operations entirely. Later on, in September 2021, The official authorities of China have banned Cryptocurrency.

What Trends Are Emerging in the Landscape of Cryptocurrency in Singapore?

In this island nation, cryptocurrencies are considered assets rather than currency. Exchanges must obtain licenses and adhere to regulations set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the Payment Services Act (PSA). Before proceeding further, check out how to get free Tokens! Take a look at, Strategies to Secure Cryptocurrency for Free!

Singapore’s reputation as a secure space for Bitcoin is, in part, linked to its absence of taxes on long-term capital gains. However, the country imposes taxes on businesses regularly involved with cryptocurrencies, treating their profits as revenue.

Global Crypto regulation

How Are Cryptocurrency Regulations Positioned in India?

It seems like India is a little bit confused about this digital asset that is cryptocurrency because India is neither legalizing nor prohibiting the use of cryptocurrency. Therefore, there is a proposal to ban private cryptocurrency in India.

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However, it is not voted yet by the population of India. Currently, all crypto investments are subject to a 30% tax, and crypto exchanges face a 1% tax deduction at source (TDS). The existing laws are, at most, unclear and provide minimal guidance for investors. Towards the end of 2022, the country initiated a trial program for its tokenized rupee


To wrap up all the insights as well as intricacies that are mentioned so far, Cryptocurrency first came into existence in 2009, It has experienced significant growth all over the world but every country has its different rules and regulations.

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