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House Of The Dragon Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Best Fan Theories On The Internet


David Mudd

The number of people who don’t know about Game of Thrones in this 20th century is so little. The series had an unquestioned pop culture classic empire in the entertainment industry. Even though it let the fans and viewers down with the last season, still have something to look forward to house of the dragons.

Fans are already waiting for the George RR Martins books to redeem the show. After all, it is not only the thing to look forward to. There is a prequel announced by HBO for the series. That will be known as the House of The Dragon. The whole series will happen within the Targaryens. That is about 300 years before happening the story of the original series.

house of the dragons

Expected Date and Details of House of the Dragon

the story of the prequel will be based on the book of Martin with the same name. The news about the prequel is already out there for a little now. But not many explanations are provided about it yet. Besides, any release details about the series are not yet announced. The show will be directed by Miguel Sapochnic and it will contain 10 episodes in the first season. Expectations are in 2021.

There are already some fan theories about the story of House of the Dragon. It says the story will be about Aegon Conquering the whole of Westeros. Although, the show will be a new world of excitement for the viewers for sure. The show will be a disappointment for Emilia Clarke fans. Everything is a mystery now around the series. We have to wait for more official announcements to confirm anything.

house of the dragons

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