Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Will It Ever Going to Happen?


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Many fans are looking forward to Hotel Del Luna Season 2, even though it has already ended. The drama has been almost two years since it finished. It has, nevertheless, left a warm hole in the hearts of spectators. Lee Ji Eun (IU) and Yeo Jin Goo (YJG) have given outstanding performances with their on-screen chemistry. The narrative of a thousand-year-old ghost and a human as their fates interweave as the past pursues them and an uncertain future looms on the horizon is told in Hotel Del Luna. It’s the ideal blend of romance, humor, and dark fantasy. Hotel Del Luna has won millions of hearts because of its well-structured, interesting narrative and superb cast!

Hotel Del Luna Season 2

The romantic fantasy Hotel Del Luna is a South Korean drama starring Lee Ji Eun (IU) and Yeo Jin Goo. It is written by Hong Sisters and directed by Oh Choong Hwan. It premiered on the tvN channel in 2019 and has 16 episodes, making it one of the highest-rated Korean dramas in cable television history. It’s all because of the cast’s outstanding performance and the lovely yet heartbreaking plot. Not to add, it’s another Hong Sisters classic. They’re most known for fantastical rom-coms like My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, Master’s Sun, and Hwayugi, among others. As a result, fans are impatiently anticipating the second season of this masterpiece, despite the fact that it has already been two years!

Will There Be Hotel Del Luna Season 2?

Many fans are wondering when Hotel Del Luna Season 2 will be released. After all, the k drama has been almost two years since it ended. It’s confusing finale, on the other hand, has left plenty of potential for the future season. Hotel Del Luna comes to a close with an open conclusion and the introduction of the new owner of the Moon Guest House. The film ends with all of the key characters living happily ever after. There’s also a moment with Man Weol and Chan Seong hugging one other. The preceding scene implies that Man Weol has traveled down the afterlife bridge, which puzzles viewers.

It denotes that the scene in which the two embrace is set in the future. Chun Seong is also seen reading a book named ‘Existence and Time.’ Even the final phrase implies that if they ever meet in the future, they will hug one another.

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It informs Man Weol in an uncertain manner, and Chun Seong gets a happy ending. It is up to the spectators to decide how they want the story to conclude, and just when we believe we’ve seen everything, Hotel Del Luna presents the new owner. Kim Soo Hyun makes a cameo as the new proprietor of the Moon Guest House, which is now known as Hotel Blue Moon. With the premiere of Hotel Blue Moon, audiences are ecstatically anticipating Hotel Del Luna Season 2. There is certainly enough material for a second season. As a result, the forthcoming season might either be a success or a failure. As a result, the next season might either be a continuation of the previous one or a brand-new tale with a brand-new cast.

What Is the Release Date for Hotel Del Luna Season 2’s ‘hotel Blue Moon’?

Unfortunately, there has been no official statement about the release date of Hotel Blue Moon Season 2. Despite the fact that it has been two years, no statement has been passed. Many fans are hoping for some information. Studio Dragon, on the other hand, has remained silent. Aside from Season 2, fans are looking forward to the remake of Hotel Del Luna. It has been rumored for a long time that it will be remade. Studio Dragon is in talks with SkyDance Media on a remake in the United States. However, nothing is set in stone just yet. There have been no further developments in the remake case. We’re hoping to hear anything regarding Hotel Blue Moon Season 2 or, at the very least, the American version of Hotel Del Luna.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2

Is It Going to Be on Netflix?

Season 2 has yet to be announced, therefore it’s too early to speculate on its Netflix availability. The first season of Hotel Del Luna, on the other hand, launched on Netflix on September 2, 2021. Netflix has finally released it this year. Given Hotel Del Luna’s enduring popularity even after its completion, there’s a good chance Season 2 will be released on Netflix as well. Season Two will be a complete explosion of imagination, humor, and delicious boiling romance, just like Season One. Netflix will not suffer any losses as a result of this. If Studio Dragon announces anything about Hotel Del Luna Season Two or Hotel Blue Moon’s release date, we’ll let you know.

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The first season of Hotel Del Luna has been accessible on Netflix from September 2021. The drama now has a global audience. As a result, many viewers who have seen it so far are curious about the following season or sequel. There are currently no plans for Hotel Del Luna Season 2 to be released on Netflix. Viewers may catch up on Season One on Netflix while they wait. All you need is a Netflix subscription plan to get started, and you’ll be good to go!

What Will Season 2’s Plot Be Like?

The second season of Hotel Del Luna will either continue the plot from the first or add a new one. The continuation, on the other hand, appears to be exceedingly difficult because the concluding scene depicts Man Weol and Chun Seong hugging one other. It is unknown how Many Weol will return. However, the conclusion suggests that it is an open ending, implying that the two would meet in the future, when they will all have happy endings, including the other staff members.

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As a result, Season 2 delivering a fresh tale has a better chance of succeeding. It will depict the new proprietor of the Guest House of the Moon, who will greet souls and listen to their stories before leading them through the afterlife bridge. 

Cast of Hotel Del Luna Season 2

We can only make educated guesses regarding the Hotel Del Luna second season cast because no new information has been released. If we look at the Season 1 finale, we can easily figure out the solution. Kim Soo Hyun will take over as the new proprietor of the Moon Guest House in the following season. Kim Soo Hyun, like the previous season, will greet spirit visitors with his own new crew. It’s difficult to forecast the entire workforce. Furthermore, former cast members such as Lee Ji Eun (IU), Yeo Jin Goo, or Man Weol’s crew Shin Jung Geun, Bae Hae Sun, Pyo Ji Hoon, and others may appear.

Season 2 will also feature an older version of Kang Mi Na, as we did not see her at the conclusion of Hotel Del Luna. All we know is that she uses the pocket watch Ji Hyun Joong gifted her to continue her studies overseas. Season two will be able to tell her side of the tale. It will be fascinating to see if she has progressed or not. Aside from these cast members, the second season will include a slew of new characters. Since the Guest House of the Moon receives spirits before they give the planet farewell, there will be many special appearances.

Major Characters of Previous Season

The main characters in the previous season of Hotel Del Luna were Lee Ji Eun (IU) and Yeo Jin Goo. Shin Jung Geun, Pyo Ji Hoon, Bae Hae Sun, Kang Mi Na, Lee Do Hyun, Jo Hyun Chul, Park Yoo Na, and others make up the supporting cast. Oh Ji Ho, Lee Jong Gi, Sulli, Kim Jun Hyun, Lee Yi Kyung, Lee Si Eon, and more actors made special cameos. As a result, if Season 2 is released, we will see many fresh and well-known faces on the television.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2

Wrapping Up

The trailer for Hotel Del Luna Season 2 has yet to be released. As previously stated, no official announcement concerning the second season or the release of Hotel Blue Moon has been made. As a result, there will be no trailer for the time being. Hopefully, the producing company Studio Dragon will provide some information on its renewal this year. While you wait for Season 2, you may watch Hotel Del Luna on Netflix, We TV, Apple TV, and Viki with English subtitles. For Netflix and Apple TV streaming, you must choose a membership package that meets your needs.

Viewers may watch Viki and We TV for free without having to sign up for a membership plan. You may also get better and easier access by downloading the Viki and We TV mobile apps. As a result, as you wait for Hotel Del Luna Season 2, re-watch Man Weol and Chun Seong’s lovely sweet-bitter love tale.