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Horizon Zero Dawn Comics: Comic Launch, A Prequel In Development, What To Expect


David Mudd

The gaming industry is always ready with new surprises for players. And this year is crucial for everyone. Youths are stuck at home due to quarantine. For them, these online video games is acting like a boredom reliever. So, we are having good news for those players who are in home-isolation. Sony Interactive Entertainment is going to launch the Horizon Zero Dawn Comics game along with a prequel comic book launch.  And we have all the possible details about it for you.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing video game. Guerrilla Games developed it and Sony Interactive Entertainment published the game on 28th February 2017. this game only has a single-player mode. Horizon Zero Dawn is available in PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows only.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The game has amazing visuals, combats, open-world effects, etc.  It is also one of the best selling PS4 games. Players can play the role of Aloy who is a hunter in the game, seeks her past. She has skills for eliminating her enemies. Voice actress Ashly Burch gave voice to Aloy. The open world of the game set in a post-apocalypse time. The skill tree gives power of battle to the players. The game also allows players to explore the virtual gaming world.

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Launch Date: All Updates

Titan Comics is going to bring the new series of Horizon Zero Dawn very soon. We can expect the comics in the market on 22nd July 2020. This comic book already made its debut as a video game in 2017. Now the next prequel of the game is under development, according to the Guerrilla Games. This prequel will release on 2nd May of this year. There will be a new story for the game though. It will show the story of Aloy and Huntress Talanah.

Horizon Zero Dawn

However, the editor Tolly Mags is expecting that this new series will make a serious buzz among the fans. And as per Guerrilla, we know that they are always ready to give us something unique. Now, all we need to do is waiting until its release.

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