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Horizon Zero Dawn 2: The Critically Acclaimed Game Has Become A PS5 Exclusive, Reported As “Gigantic”


David Mudd

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is easily one of the most anticipated games in the PlayStation community. The first game, which came out in 2017, was an instant hit. Players who finished it started demanding for a sequel instantly, as soon as the credits rolled.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Is Going To Be A PS5 Exclusive

Developer Guerilla Games is likely to deliver, too. They’ve never been shy about the fact that they want to make more games in the world of Horizon. Now, a report on website Video Games Chronicle has given us some exciting tidbits about Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

They’re claiming that multiple sources have told them that part 2 is now going to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Work on the sequel supposedly started soon after they launched the first game. However, it would seem that Guerilla Games is no longer sticking to their original plan.

Horizon Zero Dawn

At first, many of us assumed that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 would come out on PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 5 simultaneously. Obviously, the PlayStation 5 version of the game would look much, much better, but it seems that they didn’t want to leave the fans of the original hanging if they didn’t yet have a PlayStation 5.

A ‘Gigantic’ Open World

Now, it seems that they’ve scrapped that simultaneous release idea in favour of focusing solely on making it a PlayStation 5 title. While this may be frustrating for many, it does make a lot of sense. Despite being 3 years old now, it pushed the PS4’s capabilities to their absolute limits.

From personal experience, it’s one of those games that turned my PS4 into a jet-engine with how loud the fans were. VGC is also reporting that part 2 is going to be ‘gigantic’ in scope. It’s going to have an even bigger game world, and players are going to have more freedom to explore it.

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Horizon Zero Dawn 2 May Include Co-Op

Horizon Zero Dawn

The first game’s world was enormous and beautifully detailed already. So, it’s hard to imagine what part 2 is going to look like. VGC also reports that both Guerilla and Sony are keen to implement a co-op mode into the game.

The first game was an entirely single-player experience. However, it seems that part 2 may have some online multiplayer components. Guerilla Games haven’t officially announced Horizon Zero Dawn 2, but it’s pretty obvious that we’re going to see Aloy again.