Hoops Season 2 Is Cancelled On Netflix!


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It is bad news for the fans of the Hoops animated series that the show is cancelled after the first season. Some liked season 1 and are hoping for its return for season 2. Hoops is a funny animated series created by Ben Hoffman and revolves around the basketball coach who is hot headed and his name is Ben Hopkins.

Everytime he loses his control and says anything as he is angry with a foul mouthed coach of a high school. He wants a miserable life and he thinks he can do it with the help of his awful team which will move to the big leagues and then his life starts to turn on.

His father’s name is Barry and he is the former owner of this basketball court and an amazing player of basketball while his boss Opal Lowry is the principal at Lenwood High School and one of the players in his team is Matty who is 7 foot tall and 16 years old.

Ron is the best friend of Ben and he works as the assistant coach in the school and he is also dating estranged wife of Ben named Shannon. The show revolves around these characters and it is a funny, adult animated series of a Basketball team.

The show Hoops is more funny and amazing than winning the match by Hopkins’ team. But the show is not moved further which includes such amazing characters which are voiced by Jake Johnson, Ron Funches, Cleo King, Natasha Leggero, A.D. Miles, and Rob Riggle.

hoops season 2

Before the cancellation we were also expecting that Hoops would return for its next season but later we find out that it is not coming due to huge production cost as compared to its viewership.

And we all know that Netflix renews or picks any show within a month, if the show is popular and has good viewership which is needed for every show to run for a long time.

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Hoops Season 2: Cancellation Reason

The show came back on August 24, 2020 and later in 2021 it was updated by some sources that the Series is not returning for Hoops Season 2. The show is good one but not as good in the eyes of Critics and this adult show didn’t hit which results in cancellation of the Hoops for season 2 and left the series on Cliffhanger.

hoops season 2

The main reason behind the cancellation is decrease in its viewership as compared to its cost of production so it was decided by Netflix to not pick this Hoops adult animated series for new season.

When asked by Ron Funches some of the cast members that what will they want to see in season 2 then it was said by-

Ron Funches “I just want to sleep with more of Ben’s exes. I think that would be a great thing for me just to constantly go through being like, ‘Look, you had the rest, now try the best.’ But truly, when I look comedically outside myself, I think it would be fun for Ben and Ron to switch mindsets for a while, maybe when Ben gets his shit together we see Ron get crazy and fall apart and we see what he’s like if he lost his fucking mind, I think that would be fun.”

Natasha Leggero said, “Yeah, I love that, and I think that would be a fun dynamic for Shannon too Because there’s some part of her that’s still in love with Ben. I think if he did get his shit together she could go there a little bit, but then of course it wouldn’t end well.”

The other cast member named Oleo King said, “I want to see Opal with a boyfriend! She needs a steady guy. Opal is ready for that. So she can sing to him and make love to him and kiss him. More than anything, she wants to kiss him. So Opal needs a real boyfriend. I want that for her. I want her to experience that.”

Hoops Season 2: Trailer

Sorry, there is no trailer for the Hoops season 2 as it was cancelled.

But you can enjoy season 1 trailer which is given below

Hoops Season 1: Where to Watch

You can stream or watch all 10 episodes on Netflix and on Justwatch.

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hoops season 2

Hoops is an adult animated sitcom which received 6.1 ratings out of 10 on IMDb with 208 user reviews written on it and I found this show funny.

On Rotten Tomatoes it earned only 14%.

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