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Homeworld 3: Console Release? Storyline Updates? Expectations And More


David Mudd

Homeworld 3 is about to release and it has made everyone go crazy. All the fans are excited to find out what is going to be about it. They have been waiting for the game since long now. But there are a few latest deets on the game that has got us intrigued. So stay put to find out more about this game.

The game is a series and was started by Sierra Studios. It has always been a good time. Which is why it has survived since 1999. The fan base has no sign of decreasing, and people still look up to it with the highest hopes.

So now that more information is released about the latest version, carry on to know about it. Find more about the latest game in the series.

Homeworld 3

When Is The Release Of Homeworld 3?

This game is going on since 1999 now and has interested people ever since. So now that the third part is releasing, everyone is excited to know more about it. This game is based on the concept of science fiction.

Earlier, it was supposed to be released very soon. But now with the novel coronavirus, this isn’t happening. This is because everything is stopped for now and all the workplaces are closed. So this has caused a delay in the release of this game.

Now it will only release in 2022. So you’re in for a long wait this time. But it will surely be worth it.

What Is Homeworld 3 Based On?

The game is largely based on science fiction. It is based on a species called Kushans. They are looking for a new planet after their home planet is destroyed. So, in this quest they find Kharak. This is the place where they stay for some time.

But here they want to win their home planet back from the Taiidan. So they develop strategies for that. This game wasn’t in the stores for some time now. However, the news of another version got fans intrigues.

They wanted to know more about it. So this game is going to get better and even more amazing for the present generation consoles. They might move the plot accordingly.

Homeworld 3

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What Do We Know More?

The makers are working on the complexity and design of the game. It is going to be a blockbuster. You’ll see improved gameplay for the game. Also, the navigation and modes of the game are going to be worked upon.

There is no trailer of the Homeworld 3 game out yet. But you should have your eyes out for that one. Of what we know, the environment would be 3D RTS. It will be set up in a cosmic kind of space and would be available on a single-player mode.