Homeworld 3: Air date?Storyline?First Look Any Many More Spoilers Are Here!


David Mudd

The game which streamed in the early 2000s had a great impact on video game lovers. “Homeworld” is developed by Relic Entertainment, with Sierra as its first publishers. The every first franchise air on the screens in 1999, coming back to the second series in 2003. The gameplay is simply awesome and it took away the floor beneath everyone’s feet.

So, What’s now? The news flys with good fragrance and aroma of coffee. Yeah, who else waiting for the return of Homeworld. Well, for whoever is curious about the series then we have a piece of good news to you. Homeworld 3 is now about to take away you from this world, get ready to keep heads in clouds!! The next series is about to stream on screens soon. For more info just look into the article.

The game is a real-time strategy game set in space, where players are able to get ships by the mothership. What you need to do is to gather resources, make many more ships, and defeat your enemies.

Homeworld 3

Release Date Of The Homeworld 3

As of now, Homeworld is under the production of GearBox studios, recently the game is shifted in hands to the GameBox, so we can expect the game will release by this production this time.

In last year’s venue, at PAX West, Gearbox, and developer Blackbird Interactive announced the new installment. Well, about the news of streaming the game is to release in the early months of 2022, the stay is been long and now fans need to wait for more. And coming to the PC release, the game developers have no word about this too.

If we talk about the trailer, then it already available on YouTube in 2019 at Pax West.

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Gameplay And Storyline

Coming to the very first series, the game involves the journey of Kushan, known as species of humanoids, where they find the ship which is helpful to travel to hyperspace and reach their hometown named Hiigara.


While the second series goes with the end of the first game, here they found their planet is in danger and tie up on saving their world. This is how the Homeworld 2 ends with. While talking about the third installment then we have much about the game but it is clear that it focuses on “exploration, redemption, and exodus,”. We have news on installment of multiplayer later years and series.

As of now, this is what we have and we will back soon about the latest details on the series. Until then stick on to our website.