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Home And Away: There Were Last-Minute Rewrites Before The Filming Stopped

Home and Away is an age-old Australian Drama that first aired in 1988. The show has completed over twenty-six seasons since then. It is long and yet so lovable.

The show revolves around the life of residents of Summer Bay. It focuses on the different stages of life, perspectives as times change and much more.

Georgie Parker Claims About Changes In Script

The actress says that there were specific changes in the script just before the production stopped. The production of the show stopped last month.

She says that the classic two-shot scenes could not be filmed because you cannot have people standing so close to each other.

Home And Away

Georgina quoted the following about filming during the time of the pandemic, “So then everything is about cheating the distance with camera angles, and then it's about staggering people in the frame. We also have to ensure that from the people we were working with that everyone was healthy.”

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The Reason For Change (Home And Away)

It was due to the coronavirus outbreak. It was necessary to follow social distancing and other guidelines on the set as well.

Well, the pandemic has impacted a great deal on the entertainment industry. It has delayed the release of several films. In addition to that, it requires a reframing of the script to keep the factor of social distancing in mind.

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The Changes

The script had to change the course if someone had the flu and could not be present on the set. The storyline needed to flow in a way so that it can make up for the absence of certain characters.

Home And Away

The production work will most likely resume in the month of June or July depending on the situation. But the exact date still remains hazy at the moment.

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