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Home And Away: Shows Revisits Colby And Chelsea’s Story


David Mudd

Home and Away is an age-old Australian Production that initially aired in 1988. The program has finished over twenty-six seasons since then. It is longspun and yet so lovable.

The show twirls around the story of homeowners of Summer Bay. It centres on the varied stages of life, outlooks as times change and much more.

Colby And Chelsea (Home And Away)

Colby and Chelsea were married to each other. But a marriage based on lies does not have a strong foundation to get through the maze of life.

Chelsea left Summer Bay after finding out the truth about her husband. She discovered that he was a killer.

Home And Away

But this is not all. There are questions about Colby’s love life as well, which needs to be taken into consideration. Mackenzie Booth is trying to bring back the lost spark and charm. The audience is curious to know in which direction the story is headed.

There are numerous instances which point out that the two will rekindle all the lost love and settle together. But will that really happen?

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The Storyline And More!

Colby receives divorce papers from Chelsea. He was not expecting it at the moment, and he has to introspect a lot of things about his life as truth flashes out.

Mackenzie Booth tries to open about her feelings to him, but Colby is distracted in his own little vicious circle. Things go wrong between them when she notices his unsigned divorce papers. But she starts to move on with her life after finding a new love interest in the form of Ari Parata.

In this process, she avoids a call from Colby. Does this mean a full stop to their relationship? What will happen to their romantic lives? We can only find out in the coming episodes.

Home And Away

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