Holding hands, Dua Lipa and Callum Turner attend the 2024 BAFTA afterparty together in a romantic moment



Callum Turner and Dua Lipa enjoyed a charming romantic evening after the 2024 EE BAFTA Film Awards.

Holding hands, Lipa, 28, and Turner, 34, arrived at Annabel’s nightclub in London on Sunday for the annual Fashion & Film celebration hosted by Tiffany & Co. and British Vogue.

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The “Houdini” singer attended the event with Emily Blunt, Kaia Gerber, Kate Beckinsale, Anya Taylor-Joy, Idris Elba, Claire Foy, and Rosamund Pike among the attendees. The musician wore a black Valentino gown for the occasion.

Turner looked sharp in a black suit with a white shirt and tie, while Lipa accessorized her glam outfit with a glittering statement necklace.

The pair had previously made separate appearances on the red carpet at the Royal Festival Hall for the awards, with Lipa donning a striking red Valentino gown with a cape.

Turner and Lipa first became romantically involved in January when she went to the Masters of the Air afterparty, where he plays Major John “Bucky” Egan.

Dua Lipa desires an instructor for her upcoming single “Training Season”

Since then, they’ve been seen showing off their PDA on a number of occasions. At the end of January, for example, they were seen strolling arm in arm in Beverly Hills, grinning, and kissing.

The two went on their most recent adventure the week after Lipa released the music video for her new song, “Training Season,” which was motivated by unsuccessful dates.

Regarding the song’s release, Lipa stated, “I had been on a string of bad dates, and the last one was the final straw.”

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“The next morning, I arrived to the studio to [songwriters] Caroline [Ailin] and Tobias [Jesso Jr.] asking me how it all went and I immediately declared ‘TRAINING SEASON IS OVER,’ and like the best ‘day after’ debriefs with your mates, we had a lot of laughs and it all quickly came together from there,” she continued.