Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive | Should You Watch It or Leave It?


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Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive (Netflix) profiles Finnish freediver b as she prepares for her endeavor to break the ladies’ reality record for an unassisted dive beneath the ice on one single breath.

The motivation for Hold Your Breath dates back to 2015, when producer and photographic artist Ian Derry previously chronicled Nordblad’s submerged experiences in a short film that transferred on the video channel Nowness.

Should You Watch It?

If there’s a record to be broken, somebody some place is preparing to make it happen. Furthermore, on the off chance that that record comes from something troublesome, outrageous, or very troublesome, that is far and away superior.

Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive

As her sister Elina Manninen expresses almost immediately in Hold Your Breath, Johanna Nordblad was continuously putting it all on the line, from kayaking and dirtbike competitions to downhill trekking.

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However at that point a wrecked leg drove her from the slants, and constant torment from nerve harm drove her to thereputic cold treatment, which thusly acquainted her with the vivid universe of infiltration plunging underneath an ice sheet. Outrageous? Definitely. The dangers incorporate heart failure.

Yet, it’s fulfilling, as well. “The ice opening is a piece like a door to a lovely, calm spot, Nordblad says. “Time stops.”

Hold Your Breath joins Nordblad in January 2020 as she prepares among the snow and ice of her local Finland for a run at the ladies’ reality record in unassisted ice jumping, which by then remains at 50 meters.

That is north of 150 feet on one breath, moving under the ice in 20-degree water, wearing just a bathing suit. It’s a serious inclination, Nordblad says of the virus. In any case, it’s not exactly excruciating.

Assuming you’re loose, that is. Without entering a condition of mental and actual unwinding, the body tenses, the lucidity of the virus increments, joints seize up, and “skin stings, damages, and consumes all over the place.”

As the record endeavor draws near, Nordblad fights a dreadful lung contamination, in addition to uncooperative weather. The standards require 30 centimeters of ice thickness, and the impacts of environmental change on Finlandian winters are a burden.

Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive

However, at that point a more serious issue emerges as COVID-19 and lockdown. She needs to stand by a whole year to mount another endeavor, and by then the record distance has lengthened to 70 meters. That, however Nordblad is going for a more prominent, much seriously fulfilling prize – to break the informal ice dive record of 102 meters.

A year has gone by, a COVID year brimming with deterrents to preparing and individual difficulty. Yet, the track is set out on Finland’s Lake Ollori, with triangles cut from the ice at normal spans. A swimsuited Nordblad rises up out of her sweeping in the freezing cold, onto the lip of ice, and slips quietly into the opening.

What Movies Will It Remind You Of?

Netflix likewise includes The Alpinist (2020), which reports the endeavors of single freeclimber Marc-Andre Leclerc, as well as Last Breath, about a mishap that caught immersion divers many feet underneath the ocean with very little oxygen.

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What’s more, in The Rescue (Nat Geo), the cavern divers tapped to safeguard a gathering of abandoned Thai young men portray their fondness for the restricted spaces and substantial gamble of their specialty in a way like Nordblad’s willing break to the freezing profound.

Execution Worth Watching

At one point in Hold Your Breath, Nordblad and her sister are remaining with a partner far out on the frigid surface of an ice-shrouded lake in Northern Finland. According to the camera’s point of view, they’re way, someplace far away from here.

Be that as it may, they’ve just barely numbered the 80 meters of her ice plunging course. Nordblad expects the happiness of a conceived explorer. “On the off chance that the ice is thick, I can push off. That is now ten meters. And afterward I’m close to the end as of now!”

Critical Dialog

“In freediving, the most obviously awful missteps are frequently mental,” Johanna Nordbland says. “In the event that I get apprehensive, my body’s messages can be difficult to peruse, and I won’t know when to return to the surface.”

Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive

Sex and Skin

Nothing with the exception of Nordbland’s splotchy, blue, almost hypothermic skin as she rises up out of the ice opening in the wake of freediving for an extremely long time in the bone chilling waters of a Finnish lake.

Our Take

In its peaceful, mindful portrayal of Johanna Nordblad’s preparation cycle and possible endeavor at the ice plunging world record, Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive offers a strikingly un-conspicuous gander at what is certainly an outrageous undertaking. This isn’t the universe of Red Bull Extreme Sports, with glaring flags loaded with supports and a large group of garish camera points.

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Rather it’s a quite quiet world, one so calm you can hear the ice sheet mumble and break (“The ice is conversing with us,” Elina Manninen tells the questioner). There’s a durable beauty to the calculated way wherein Manninen and Nordblad saw away at the ice to uncover the dim square shapes of freezing water that become a preparation field.


How Long Might Johanna Nordblad at Any Point Hold Her Breath?

She likewise accomplished a static breath hold of 6 min 35 sec at the 2015 World Championships in Turku, Finland. Nordblad had a cycling mishap in 2010 in which she broke her leg. She began cold-water treatment (ice therapy) in 2013 upon the proposal of her PCP.

For What Reason Truly Do Individuals Swim Under Ice?

Improvement in Overall Well-Being: Regular ice swimming has been displayed to support the resistant framework, further develop blood course, lessen pressure and assist your body with consuming more calories over the course of the day!

Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive

Is It Safe To Hop Into Ice Cold Water?

At the point when you’re unexpectedly submerged in chilly water, your body responds automatically. It can make veins in your skin close making it harder for blood to stream around the body. Your heart then needs to work harder and your pulse increments. In the most pessimistic scenarios you really might have a coronary failure.


Coordinated by Ian Derry, “Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive” is a motivating narrative short film about the coarseness of famous Finnish free-diver and ice diver, Johanna Nordblad, as she endeavors to break the current world record of venturing to every part of the most distance under freezing water in a solitary breath.

The similarly short film presents a forty-minute long knowledge into Johanna’s enthusiasm as an ice diver, her delightful relationship with her sister Elina, and how she moves beyond difficulties throughout everyday life.

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