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Hold Back The Stars: The Five Feet Apart Director Justin Baldoni To Direct The Adaptation Of The YA Novel


David Mudd

Lionsgate has decided to make a movie adapted from Katie Khan’s space romance “Hold Back The Stars”. And who better to direct a YA than Justin Baldoni?

Justin Baldoni

Baldoni is a 36-year-old American film-maker, director and actor. His acting is most prominently seen in the show “Jane the Virgin”. Baldoni portrays the character of Rafael Solano in the show.

As a director, he has worked in many successful projects. His “My Last Days, all three seasons of it, has been rated as one of the most-watched documentary series. He has also directed the young-adult movie “Five Feet Apart”.

His upcoming projects include a film on Colleen Hoover’s film “It Ends With Us”, and another project that we’re going to talk about today.

Baldoni’s Five Feet Apart

“Five Feet Apart” is a 2019 romantic movie written by Tobias Iaconis, and directed by Baldoni.

The movie has been inspired by the real-life love story of two patients suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, Dalton Prager and Katie Prager.

The storyline of the movie is about Stella Grant and Will Newman, two teenagers, both suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, a terminal disease, in which cross-infection is fatal. That is why the patients suffering from it are strictly instructed to maintain a safe distance of six feet from one another.

Stella is a good patient and sticks by the rule. But Will, a newcomer, doesn’t care much for them. He is not even all that interested in getting treated. Although Stella initially finds him to be repulsive, the two slowly fall in love but cannot touch each other.

The heartbreaking movie ends with Stella having a successful transplant, while Will’s body slowly failing him. Unwilling to make Stella suffer his death, Will leaves.

Cole Sprouse has played Will in the movie, with Haley Lu Richardson starring as Stella Grant.

Baldoni To Direct Hold Back The Stars

“Hold Back The Stars” is a novel by Katie Khan. In the novel, Khan has portrayed the story of two astronauts, Carys and Max, who are drifting in space, and have about 90-minutes worth of Oxygen left. It’s up to them how they decide to spend the last 90 minutes of their lives.

Lionsgate has decided to make a movie on the novel and has chosen Justin Baldoni to direct it.

We’re looking forward to knowing more about the project as it develops further.