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Why Hoarders Season 10 Becomes Demand Of All Fans?


David Mudd

Hoarders– is an American reality television program. Nowadays, all the fans (including me) are demanding something crispy about the 10th Season of Hoarders. Are you one of them?

Hoarders Season 10

If you are also one of them then you are exactly at the right place as here is everything that you would like to hear. The program follows 1 or 2 participants that are compulsive hoarder. An expert, who is organizational, works to address the circumstance and to provide guidance just to change the behavior of hoarding.

Let me ask you a question, have you enjoyed the previous seasons of Hoarders? Give your preference in the comment box……..

If you haven’t seen then you can recognize the popularity of the program by its IMDb Rating which is given below. So, keep on scrolling down………….

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Hoarders Season 10

As I told you Hoarders Season 10 is an American television program which is quite real. Initially, Hoarders aired on A&E from 2009 to 2013. Dave Severson and Andrew Berg are the executive producers of the program.

After a long period, 125 episodes are telecasted on 10th August, 2020 which are available on A&E’s and Amazon Prime. The show demonstrates the struggles of real life and also the treatment of the people who are suffering from a disorder called compulsive hoarding.

Now the question arises what actually compulsive hoarding is……..let’s know about it by scrolling down…

What is Compulsive Hoarding?

Compulsive hoarding is also called hoarding disorder which is a behavioral pattern examined by excess of acquisition and an ability of unwillingness to neglect large quantity of objects. This disorder causes distress or impairment.

Hoarders Season 10

Hoarding Disorder has been associated with health risks, economic burden and adverse effects on all our known people. By proper clinical treatment, hoarding disorder can prevent uses of space as limit so many activities like cooking, cleaning, sleeping and other household works.

This disorder put an individual towards some other risk factors like fires, falling, poor sanitation and other health related issues.

What happens in each episode of Hoarders Season 10?

Episode 1

The title of this episode is “Andy & Becky”. The original air date for this episode is 5th March, 2019.


In this episode, a Marysville Washington couple of 80s feel that it is their right to live wherever they like to reside. Very soon they came to know that they are in a battle with the city government that may lead them to jail or they would lose their home.

Episode 2

The title of this episode is “Dale”. The original air date for this episode is 12th March, 2019.


Here, Fairbanks Alaska man filled all his property with everything from decking from the Yukon River Bridge. Dale should clean up or face perishing.

Episode 3

The title of this episode is “Linda”. The original air date for this episode is 19th March, 2019.



In the 3rd episode, a former beautiful queen did not allow her family to enter into her Greensburg Indiana home for so many years. This continues till medical emergency exposes any secret that has been hidden by her. Her daughter asks her about this after making a discovery which is shocking.

Episode 4

The title of this episode is “Patricia”. The original air date for this episode is 26th March, 2019.

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One of the retired nurses makes extra money by selling the things that are rejected by other people. She lives in Cooper City, Florida. But this fined her around thousands of dollar just because her 3 homes are overflowing.

Episode 5

The title of this episode is “Three Amigos”. The original air date for this episode is 2nd April, 2019.


In 5th Episode, Donald, Peter and Raymond are very close friends in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. They do everything together. Now they are facing personal crisis due to loss of property and relationship because of hoarding.

Above mentioned are the episodes with their storyline that surely entertain you.

The Release Date of Hoarders Season 10

As I discussed above, the air date of the episodes. So, finally the 10th Season of Hoarders premiered on April 2, 2019.


So, it is one of the great news for all the fans that you can enjoy the series without waiting.

Cast/ Characters of Hoarders Season 10

  • Matt Paxton
  • Robin Zasio
  • Dorothy Breininger
  • Cory Chalmers
  • Marcus Goodwin

These are the names of the characters that made the program mind blowing and heart touching for all the fans.

The Trailer of Hoarders Season 10

By this video you can refresh your memories.

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IMDb Rating of Hoarders

The IMDb Rating is 6.4 with 2,464 votes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Linda in the 10th Season of Hoarders?

She takes care of her daughter Kristin’s kids named, Dallas and Shawntae.

Who has died among the characters of Hoarders?

A 66 years old lady named Beverly Mitchell has died in 2014.

Final Words

Hoarders Season 10 is one of the best American reality programs which become demand of all the fans. It was aired on 2nd April, 2019 which heart is touching news for all the fans as you don’t have to wait for its premiere. So, let’s enjoy it on Amazon Prime or other Channels……………