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Hitman 3: Release Date, Antagonist Details, Plot And All Latest Updates


David Mudd

The developers of the game are satisfied with the development and content of Hitman 2, and they are more than excited to work on future ventures of the game. Fans are eagerly waiting for the game to be launched. We have collaborated all the information we have on Hitman 3 just for you!

Release Date

According to the sources, we are most likely to witness the third installation of the game series in early 2021.

But since PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett consoles are going to come into the market in the holiday season of 2020, this date might be affected since the developers would want to ensure that the version of the game released is compatible with the latest gaming consoles.


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What Be Will The Story?

During his long tenure as an assassin Agent 47 has developed enmity with a lot of people for sure. Fans are expecting new plot ideas are going to be incorporated in the third series of the game.

Diana is the one name that comes to our mind when we think about Agent 47’s rival/ally. Agent 47 and Diana have always been on loggerheads. But they have never really confronted each other in a brutally honest way, and we think it is time, the story of this cold war between them takes a new form.

The latest version of the game will highlight this aspect of the story.

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Gameplay For Hitman 3


There have been instances where we have seen Agent 47 escape with the support of a helicopter. But will he be any good when he is given full control of the vehicle? Only time can tell. The new game certainly has many unique locations to be explored, to commit the perfect crime or to have a peppy little time. There have been numerous new locations which are created by brilliant developers of the game.

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