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Hightown Season 2 Review – An Improvement But Still a Relapse! Watch!


David Mudd

As a result, when Hightown was released last year, I wasn’t a huge fan. Unlikable characters, clichéd action, and a boring tale all came together to create a nasty summer drink that should be poured down the drain. What a little sugar, spice, and all things nice can do to a metaphorical cocktail, though, is quite remarkable. Season 2 is unquestionably better than Season 1, yet it still has that terrible aftertaste that plagued the first season.

However, despite its advancements, Hightown still has significant issues, particularly with regard to some of the characters and their total and utter unlikability. It doesn’t matter though because this is a considerably more competent and enjoyable series this time around!

Season 2 picks off right where Season 1 left off, with events taking place shortly after. Jackie has been sober for 50 days and is working two jobs to keep herself occupied. Because of his sex troubles, Ray is fired and Alan takes over as Sergeant, equipped with a luxurious new office. The pleasant sentiments are quickly disrupted, however, when word of Frankie’s cousin, Jorge, being freed from prison is received by the family.

Jorge, in contrast to Frankie (who has since moved in with Renee and Frankie Jr. and is enjoying life to the fullest), is a loose cannon. He’s unstable and impulsive, and it’s nearly guaranteed that he’ll get into trouble. With the arrival of new narcotics on the Cape, Charmaine fills in for Osito (who is now doing time in prison) and becomes Frankie’s new go-to lady for Frankie to work with.

Hightown Season 2

Our protagonists will have to deal with new dynamics in this season, as Ray is suffering and Jackie has partnered up with a new love interest, Leslie. For the most part, it all ticks over pretty well, with lots of interesting and shocking twists along the way. This season features several violent deaths, a couple of falls from grace, and a conclusion that teases an even more sinister third season, should it be revived.

At the time of writing, Starz has not made a judgement on this matter, which dampens the excitement around the climax of this twisty-turny crime series. Not only that, but several of the character decisions harken back to the problems that the first season had.

A good example is Jackie, who has demonstrated a questionable lack of judgement on more than one occasion. She’s also pervy, has an addictive mentality, and is entirely self-absorbed during the entire process. Despite some early signs of promise, old habits die hard, and the longer this series continues, the more she fails to live up to her potential, making it difficult to root for her.

During this time, Ray continues to be slimy and unlikable throughout the entire series. It doesn’t appear that anything will change in season 2. Likewise, Renee – despite a few glimmers of development – continues to be the opportunistic mistress we’ve come to know and love. In fact, Alan is the only one in this group who is truly likeable, and even he has his own flaws and troubles.

There is some new blood here too that get the short end of the stick too. Janelle, the prison councillor, has a particularly bleak story arc. She begins as a strong and powerful lady who won’t take any crap from the inmates. By the end of the novel, she has moved in with Osito and is completely unconcerned with his illicit activities.

The tale itself is compelling enough to keep viewers’ attention, and this season does an excellent job of putting that to the forefront of their minds. The fact that it is accompanied with unlikable characters at the forefront of this one is just a shame. Hightown Season 2 is a marked improvement over the previous season, yet it still has a tendency to fall into old routines.

Hightown Season 2 Watch

Hightown Season 2

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